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Yanbian University teachers and students visit Zixin Chuyuan Company

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On July 18th, 2016, Professor Jiang Chengzhe, the head of the Department of Biotechnology of Yanbian University, led a team of more than 30 students and teachers from the Agricultural College of Yanbian University to visit the company. Accompanied by the company's vice president of production, Sun Zuoqi and the head of the human resources department, Dong Honghai, the delegation visited the factory and production workshops.


First of all, the teachers and students watched the company's image promo and learned about the company's ginseng deep processing products. Later, the vice president of production, Sun Zuoqi, gave a welcome speech and extended a warm welcome to the delegation. She introduced the geographical location, historical and cultural characteristics of Yanbian Prefecture and the basic situation of Zixin Pharmaceutical. It pointed out that the development of Zixin Ginseng relies on technological innovation and talent reserve, which is also a valuable experience for Zixin Pharmaceutical's sustainable and healthy development over the years. Zixin Pharmaceutical attaches great importance to science and technology and respects talents. With the same heart of the sea, we welcome all talents from all walks of life to join us for common development.


In his speech, Professor Jiang Chengzhe highly appreciated the good momentum of Zixin Chuanyuan's steady and healthy development. He said that Zixin Chuyuan Company can provide teachers and students with such a valuable opportunity to broaden their horizons and reflect the company's profound corporate culture. And management. I hope that everyone will study, experience and record carefully during the visit to form an accumulation. The school-enterprise cooperation department of the college will sum up and discuss the excellent practices of enterprise management through the sincere cooperation with Chuanyuan Company, and promote the in-depth development of the social practice activities of the college.


Accompanied by Mr. Sun, the teachers and students visited the company's production workshops and the company's recently launched ginseng products, and learned about the processing and production processes of the company's various products.


Finally, the teachers and students learned about the company's development history, and felt the company's honest and trustworthy business philosophy and unique corporate culture. The students said that through this activity, they broadened their horizons and enriched their extracurricular activities. I hope that there will be more opportunities to participate in such activities in the future.