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"Zixin Pharmaceutical Cup" National Swimming Fitness Week (Changchun Station) kicked off

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2016 “Zixin Pharmaceutical Cup” 7.16 National Swimming Fitness Week (Changchun Station) and the commemoration of Comrade Mao Zedong’s 50th Anniversary of the Yangtze River’s 50th Anniversary Nanhu Open Water Swimming Event kicked off in the Nanhu swimming area of ​​Changchun on the morning of July 16. The activities are divided into two parts: the crossing of the South Lake Games and the 12 swimming formations.


The event was jointly organized by Changchun Swimming Association, Changchun Winter Swimming Association and Changchun Remote Swimming Club. Zixin Pharmaceutical was the sole partner of the event. The theme of the event is "National Swimming Fitness, Building a Happy Changchun", with the purpose of "safe swimming, happy swimming, scientific swimming". The aim is to promote Mao Zedong's travels to the Yangtze River spirit and swimming culture, to guide the masses to learn to swim, to love swimming, to swim happily, and to swim safely. It is of great significance for promoting the fitness of the whole nation and the Olympics, building a healthy China, and helping to build a "happy Changchun".


Twelve teams and 730 people participated in the event. Among these swimmers, the oldest is 73 years old, and the youngest is only 10 years old. They come from all walks of life, including students, workers, teachers, government officials, and retirees. No matter the men, women and children, you can enjoy the same health and happiness.


The organization of the event was implemented and the security was rigorous and thorough. Zixin Pharmaceutical sponsored the event and the relevant leaders of the provincial and municipal sports bureaus attended and watched the event.