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A number of news media visited Zixin Chuyuan Company

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On July 15, 2016, the Central People's Broadcasting Station, Jilin Daily, Jilin Korean Newspaper, Yanbian Daily Korean version, Yanbian Daily Chinese version, Yanbian Radio Korean Frequency, Yanbian Radio Chinese Frequency, Yanbian TV News Integrated Channel, Yanbian Morning News A number of news media approached Zixin Chuyuan's field interview, and Han Xu, the company's vice president of quality, received the reception. The interview team visited the company's product showroom and gave a very high evaluation of the company's ginseng products.


Through the introduction of Mr. Han, the media reporters have a deep understanding of the types of ginseng medicines and other ginseng deep processing products, and have a preliminary understanding of Zixin Chuyuan Pharmaceutical, they fully affirmed the company's achievements in recent years. And the company's development prospects are consistently optimistic. They suggested that the company should recruit all kinds of high-end talents, constantly innovate and develop the concept, enlarge and strengthen the industrial chain, play the brand effect, and strive to open up the market, improve the comprehensive strength, and strive to create a national high-tech enterprise.


Subsequently, the media reporter visited the company's production workshop with great interest and made an in-depth understanding of the production process of the product. Mr. Han focused on the company's product development, technological innovation, and transformation of results. He said that the company will rely on technology. Innovation improves the market competitiveness of products, promotes the development of enterprises, and answers in detail the relevant questions raised by journalists.


After the interview, the reporters all said that through this activity, they have a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Zixin Chuyuan. Zixin Chuyuan Company follows the market rules and the inherent logic of industry development, innovates development concepts, transforms development methods, creates miracles of rapid development, and has profound enlightenment and reference for Chinese ginseng enterprises.


The news media interview activity, while expanding corporate reputation and enhancing corporate image, also helped companies establish a brand and laid a solid foundation for the company to remain invincible in the fierce market competition.