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Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Company “Fresh ginseng honey tablets new products, new tools” project won the third prize for innovation

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On July 14, 2016, good news came from relevant departments. The products of “Fresh ginseng honey tablets new products and new tools” declared by Cui Junming, Tan Wei, Shao Dandan, Zhang Bin and Yan Xiying of Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. In the 2015 Jilin Province employee outstanding technical innovation results selection activities won the third prize.
The selection and selection of outstanding technical innovation achievements of Jilin Province employees was jointly carried out by Jilin Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, Jilin Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Jilin Provincial Economic Committee, Jilin Province Human Resources and Social Security Department, and was evaluated by grassroots recommendation, city and state election, and provincial expert review team. Review and review the leadership group's validation and network publicity, and commend the technical achievements made by employees in scientific and technological research, technological innovation and invention and creation, aiming to encourage employees to take up their posts, care about the development of enterprises, and play smart and intelligent in production practice. Solve problems in production positions.
For a long time, Zixin Chuyuan Company attaches great importance to the improvement of employees' independent innovation ability, and vigorously promotes the rationalization of employees and technical improvement and innovation work. This recommendation is determined after extensive examination and preliminary selection, and has been declared by Cui Junming and Tan Wei. Shao Dandan, Zhang Bin, and Xi Xiying are the main products of “Fresh ginseng honey tablets new products and new tools”.
The project began in September 2012. In the face of the new situation of the Ministry of Health officially approving the pilot project of ginseng medicine and food homology in Jilin Province, Zixin Pharmaceutical actively guides and regulates the cultivation and cultivation of high-quality ginseng, and strives to achieve industrial upgrading. And the effective transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Fresh ginseng honey tablets are one of the ginseng products independently developed and produced by Chuanyuan. The product has been researched and developed for more than 2 years. Since mass production in 2013, after many process modifications, it has greatly improved in terms of product quality, product appearance and mass production.
The main results of the project have two aspects. First, the ingredients of fresh ginseng honey tablets are fresh ginseng, honey, fructose syrup and the like. Because fresh ginseng contains a lot of water, and honey products are difficult to control the characteristics of water, many companies often use red ginseng as raw material for the production of ginseng honey tablets. Through a series of scientific experiments and production, the research and development team of Chuyuan Company finally confirmed that honey and fructose syrup were mixed into a sugar immersion liquid in a certain proportion, and were cooked at different temperatures and times. In order to ensure that the active ingredients of ginseng and honey are not destroyed, a low-temperature honey method is adopted to maximize the retention of the active ingredients in the raw materials. Whether it is from the intrinsic quality of the product, the transparency of the appearance and the brightness, taste and so on, it has reached the domestic first-class level.
Secondly, in the first scale production process in 2013, the slicing method of fresh ginseng was completely manual cutting, and the cutting efficiency was very low. The average qualified piece per person per day was 6-7 kg. The production of 100 kg slices requires 15 people to complete, and mass production is very limited. In order to solve this problem, the R&D team has purchased a special equipment for fresh ginseng slicing through various investigations and researches. After many improvements, the slicing efficiency has been greatly improved. The modified equipment can cut 40-50 kg of fresh ginseng tablets per hour, which realizes the needs of mass production and meets the slicing of various thicknesses, which meets the requirements of the production process. In 2014, the annual output of fresh ginseng honey tablets was 6104.39 kg, which was 3.95 times that of 2013, ensuring the possibility of mass production of fresh ginseng honey tablets.
Up to now, the project has been continuously improved and perfected by the company's technical staff. After repeated experiments and years of experience, it completely solves the problem that honey products are easy to ferment and the product has a short shelf life. The product quality is stable, the taste is good, and the appearance is transparent. The characteristics of clearing and novel packaging are gradually accepted by consumers.
At present, among the honey-based products based on fresh ginseng, Zixin Chuanyuan's products are unique and have obvious leading advantages. The production process of the whole product is inseparable from technological innovation, and the company's R&D team is completely fresh. The production of ginseng honey tablets plays a vital role in ensuring the company's products in the leading position in the same industry and continuously increasing market share.
As a company specializing in the production of ginseng products, we will take the good policy of Jilin Province to revitalize the ginseng industry as an opportunity to continuously improve our own quality, boldly innovate, develop more and better ginseng products, and contribute to the development of ginseng industry in Jilin Province. power.