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Cao Dandan Company participated in the National Pharmaceutical Industry Quality Management QC Group Results Exchange Meeting

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On July 6, 2016, the 37th National Pharmaceutical Industry Quality Management QC Group Results Exchange Meeting was held in Dunhua. A total of 12 people from the grass-and-dan company testing center participated in the exchange. Through nine months of unremitting efforts, with the support of the leaders, the employees constantly explored and finally completed the scheduled issues.

The representative of Cao Dandan Company consists of two groups, namely the Pilot QC Group (members: Sun Yujiao, Liang Zhongyi, Chen Liying, Li Yan, Tan Zhuangjin, Du Jixin) and Tuoqi QC Group (members: Liu Wei, Li Dan, Zhang Yaoyun, Fu Yan, Guo Haibin, Dai Zhiqiang). As a lecturer of the pilot group, Liang Zhongyi won the first prize for his "Method for Determination of Betachinin in Pediatric Baike Cough Syrup". Liu Wei led the QC team of Tuo Tuo, and won the Excellence Award for his "Influencing Factors in the Identification of Atractylodes Rhizome in Huoxiang Qushu Soft Capsule". Zhang Yaoyun and Du Jixin, as volunteers of the organizers, worked tirelessly to help the guests, guide the guests to attend and eat, and were well received by the organizers.

Through this meeting, employees have a deeper understanding of the QC team. The awards have increased their confidence. Everyone said that they will find more problems, solve problems, and continue to explore in the future work. The problems encountered in the work make the QC team more valuable and create greater benefits for the company. In addition, the company paid more attention to this exchange meeting. General Manager Fang Yong personally attended the event to cheer for the players. The company also gave cash prizes to all the winning members to encourage them.