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Participate in the exclusive sponsorship of China (Changchun) "Internet +" Expo

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From June 9th to 11th, 2016, the first China (Changchun) “Internet +” Expo and E-Commerce Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as “Web Fair”) was grandly opened at the Changchun Convention and Exhibition Center. As a well-known ginseng enterprise in the province, Zixin Pharmaceutical was invited to participate in the exhibition and received many attentions.


With the theme of “cross-border, integration, mobile, and interconnection”, this Internet Expo is the first time that Changchun has held such an exhibition. This exhibition not only attracted the participation of major “Internet +” companies in Jilin Province, but also exhibited a variety of emerging foods, especially ginseng-related deep processing products.


Zixin Ginseng is exhibiting at the booth of 90 square meters. The booth is located in Hall 3 of the Convention and Exhibition Center - "Internet + Ginseng" industrial chain exhibition hall. During the exhibition, Zixin Ginseng brought a full range of products, including ginseng fruit and vegetable enzymes, jade red and red ginseng gelatin cake, fresh ginseng honey tablets, ginseng ginseng binaural beverages and molded red ginseng, fresh ginseng, Linxia ginseng and other ginseng rough processing. product. Among them, the respiratory products were unveiled as the only designated brand of the exhibition. They have sponsored the press conferences of theme brands such as Jilin Provincial Tourism Bureau, Shuangyang Tourism Bureau, Jingdong Finance, and Alibaba Project. At the same time, on the second day of the Internet Expo, Zixin Ginseng held a press conference to show the product advantages, market differentiation and promotion direction of the main products, and expounded the development plan of the brand.


With the increasing number of pharmaceutical companies entering the ginseng industry, ginseng products are gradually diversified, and the demand for ginseng market is also increasing. Zixin ginseng has been recognized by more and more consumers after its brand building in recent years. In this exhibition, Zixin Ginseng is mainly based on brand promotion, supplemented by product industry research. With the resources of the exhibition, it actively injects fresh Internet thinking and lays a foundation for product development and promotion in the next stage.