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Zixin Pharmaceutical Investment TV drama "Participation Legend" June 7th Jilin Satellite TV 19:35 broadcast

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The TV series "Participation Legend" Jilin Satellite TV broadcasted the press conference site.1

The TV series "Participation Legend" Jilin Satellite TV broadcasted the press conference site.2


The 47-episode TV series "Participation Legend", which was built by Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Beijing Datu International Culture Investment Co., Ltd., will be launched on June 7th at the Jilin Satellite TV Grand Theatre at 19:35 every night. Meet the audience.


On June 3, 2016 at 15:00 pm, the TV series "Participation Legend" Jilin Satellite TV broadcast conference was held in Nanhu Hotel, Changchun City. Tonghua Municipal Committee Standing Committee, Propaganda Minister Jing Xijun, Jilin Wei Video Road Deputy Director Xu Hailin, Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Supervisor Chang Tianfeng, Beijing Datu International Cultural Investment Co., Ltd. General Manager Jing Xin, "Participation Legend" main creative staff And more than 30 news media attended the press conference.


"Participation in Legend" is the first modern commercial drama in China with ginseng as the theme. The drama has an international top film and television production team, including the famous domestic screenwriter Yang Xiangming, the director of the "Heroes" and "Invincible Series", Lu Jun, well-known power actor Zong Fengyan, Li Guangfu, Tang Zhenzong, Wang Jingyun, and "Feng Shenbang" "The "Water Margin", "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms" and other large-scale production of film and television dramas, the specialization team of internationally renowned films such as "Jurassic Park" and "X-Men".


Based on the background of Jilin Tonghua in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, the "Participation in the Legend of the Workers" is based on the ginseng business of one of the "three treasures of the Northeast". It tells the "Jigongtang", which is dominated by Yejia, against the increasingly infiltrating Japanese commercial warfare. The story shows the life of a rich family who has gone through hardships and eventually became a generation of kings. It describes the heroic blood of the Northeast merchants. Ye Tianhe, the young master of the construction hall, played by the male No.1 Zongfengyan, was originally a young man with a lot of commercial talents. He gradually entered the right path and regained his ancestral business in the backwardness of the family--the ginseng business, for the interests of the family and the nation and the hostile forces. Do the fight. The play describes Ye Tianhe's legendary family and life, showing the unique humanities and customs of the Northeast, and there are many things to watch. While showing the long-standing ginseng culture of our country, the Legend of Participating Workers also fully demonstrates the heroic feats and unyielding struggle spirit of the Chinese people in the chaos of the world.


Tong Xijun, member of the Standing Committee of Tonghua Municipal Committee and Minister of Propaganda, said that Tonghua is known as the “hometown of Chinese ginseng”. Over the years, Tonghua has accumulated profound historical and cultural heritage in the process of developing ginseng industry and inheriting ginseng culture. It is urgent for us to better inherit and grow in the development and integration of cultural industry. The opening of the TV series "The Legend of Participating Workers" embodies the strategic thinking of government guidance and social capital operation to jointly organize culture, and shows the cultural creation achievements of cultural packaging enterprises and cultural communication city images. It inherits and promotes the ginseng culture and national spirit of Tonghua. It has played an important role in cultural education, emotional edification, and promotion of Qijie, and also provided valuable experience for the development of Tonghua City's cultural industry.


Zixin Pharmaceutical Supervisor Tian Feng said that Zixin Pharmaceutical, as a leading enterprise in the ginseng industry in Jilin Province, is also vigorously developing ginseng industry, and is also digging deep into ginseng cultural resources and vigorously promoting ginseng culture. Since 2011, the company has invested a total of more than 40 million yuan, completed the filming and production of 104 episodes of the anime works "Shenbao" and 47 episodes of the TV series "Participation Legend". The broadcast of "The Legend of Participating Workers" has a milestone significance in promoting the culture of ginseng in the development of Chinese ginseng industry.


Xu Hailin, deputy director of Jilin Wei Video Road, said that Jilin Wei is regarded as a broadcast platform for the "Participation of Legends" and is the necessary support for the mainstream media in Jilin Province to revitalize the Jilin ginseng industry and promote the ginseng culture.


It is reported that the script of "The Legend of Participating Workers" has been revised and improved many times. Many production links have been repeatedly envisioned, conceived and beneficially tried, and have paid a lot of effort from directors, screenwriters, actors to producers. A solid script, a deductive personality, and a post-production post-production, I believe this work will create a new market hotspot for the ginseng culture industry and bring a visual feast to the audience!

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