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Jilin Agricultural University Horticultural College investigation and research Zixin Chuyuan Company

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On June 3, 2016, Sun Xiaogang, Dean of the College of Horticulture of Jilin Agricultural University, Zhang Guangchen, the secretary, and Yin Jiahui, the lecturer, came to Zixin Chuyuan Company for investigation and research. Han Xu, the deputy general manager of the company, received the reception and accompanied the factory.


The delegation visited the company's ginseng deep processing workshop and listened to Han Xu, the company's deputy general manager of quality, on the company's development profile and the ability of people to participate in the work and the future development goals of the company. In introducing the company's future development goals, Han Xu said: "Chunyuan Company hopes to "marriage" with universities, unswervingly follow the development path of combining production, study and research, increase the added value of ginseng products, and enlarge and strengthen the ginseng deep processing industry. To increase income for farmers and increase efficiency for enterprises."


After listening to the introduction of Han, President Sun Xiaogang had a full exchange with Mr. Han on the current domestic and foreign market conditions of the ginseng deep processing products and the current situation of the company, and highly praised the company's people participating in the work and bio-fermentation industry. The biological fermentation technology has high technology content and great development potential. Dean Sun said that the Horticultural College is willing to establish a cooperative relationship with the company.


Finally, Mr. Han said that he hopes that the leaders of various universities can come to the company to visit and research, provide valuable opinions and suggestions for the company's ginseng industry and biotechnology development, and carry out in-depth, multi-level and wide-area cooperation to achieve win-win cooperation. Work together to create a better tomorrow for common development!