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Provincial Agriculture Committee ginseng office leaders to Zixin Chuyuan research

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The research team visited the production workshop of Zixin Chuyuan Company

Symposium scene

On May 16, 2016, Sun Zhentian, Director of the Ginseng Office of the Jilin Provincial Agriculture Committee, Zhang Xinxin and Zhang Lanheng, Director of the Ginseng Office, Wang Chen, Director of the Special Agricultural Products Center of Yanbian Prefecture, Cao Junhua, Director of the Specialty Products Division, Zhou Xu, Director of the Specialty Products Center Accompanied by the investigation of Zixin Chuyuan Company. Han Xu, deputy general manager of Zixin Chuyuan Company, and Shi Jia, director of the Ministry of General Affairs, received the reception.


The research team first went deep into the company's production workshop, and conducted in-depth research on the current development of the company's ginseng industry, how to expand the company's scale, and promote the development of the ginseng industry. Subsequently, the research team came to the workshop to participate in the workshop, to understand the development status of the enterprise, product processing, product development, operation status, etc., and to discuss in depth the various problems encountered in the development of ginseng industry.


At the subsequent symposium, Sun Zhentian listened to the report on the development of the ginseng industry of Zixin Chuyuan Company. Zixin Chuyuan Company has an independent GAP ginseng cultivation base, which guarantees the supply of raw materials from the source. In order to make the ginseng industry continue to develop healthily, the company has established the development idea of ​​“controlling production and improving quality”, strictly implementing the ginseng seed standard, promoting the “Quality and High-yield Ginseng Cultivation Technology of Jilin Province” standard, and issuing the “Standard Operation Rules for Ginseng Cultivation”. Realize quality from low to high. The company aims to “revitalize Jilin ginseng industry and build Zixin ginseng brand”, strive to promote the extension of ginseng serialized products with new product development, and expand the production and management concept of domestic ginseng deep processing industry as the company's strategic development direction and goal. On this basis, the company actively carried out the work of “Changbai Mountain Ginseng” brand, formulated brand strategic planning, and enhanced brand awareness and reputation.


After listening to the report, Sun Zhentian said that Zixin Chuyuan should make full use of its resource advantages, increase research and development efforts, increase scientific and technological content, and extend the industrial chain; change concepts, seize opportunities, and plan ahead, on the basis of developing and expanding enterprises, Promote the ginseng industry in Jilin Province to a new level. The provincial participation office will also continue to actively coordinate relevant departments to provide a strong backing for the development of ginseng industry.