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Zixin Ginseng WeChat platform Mother's Day activities to help sales

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From April 20th to May 8th, 2016, Zixin Ginseng Sales Company's “Weixin Ginseng” official WeChat platform launched the Mother's Day creative activity with the theme of “My Most Beautiful Mother in ‘Xin’”. By collecting photos of mothers at different ages, the event led to a hot topic of caring for mothers. Through online and offline linkages and red-person forwarding, the effect of rapid communication was achieved, thus demonstrating corporate sentiment, branding and deepening. The purpose of brand connotation and expansion of brand promotion.


According to the positioning of Zixin ginseng products, the main product of this activity is jade red and red ginseng gelatin cake. The online communication mainly deepens product appeal and integrates emotional factors, and creates a product image with connotation; offline dissemination to develop value-added services ( Such as consumer spending reduction, booking discounts and other promotional policies), attracting accurate customers to pay attention to WeChat platform, and drive sales. The event is closely integrated with the terminal sales. The event area is dominated by the store system, including Yanji Airport Store, Longjia Airport Store, Changchun Sheraton Store, Changchun Bank Counter System, and Jingzhou, Luoyang and other foreign market stores.


This activity aims to trigger a topic marketing, taking advantage of the characteristics of rapid network communication and the rapid communication effect of network reds, accurately forwarding the female groups in the active areas, and evaluating the significance of Zixin ginseng's activities from the perspective of women. Emotional resonance, enhance participation and enlarge the volume of sound. The event lasted for 15 days, and the online communication reached more than 3,000 times, covering more than 20,000 people, and attracted many accurate customers to pay attention to the Zixin WeChat platform, which laid a favorable foundation for the later brand promotion and promotion