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Congratulations on the successful handover of the acquisition project of Zhongke Zixin Headquarters and R&D production base

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Congratulations to Beijing Zhongke Zixin Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongke Zixin) and Beijing Economic Development Investment Development Co., Ltd. on April 12th, the official handover ceremony was held in the E2M1 plot of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, marking Zhongke Zixin officially owns the state-owned land use rights and the above-ground structure ownership of the E2M1 project site with an area of 26,645 square meters and a total construction area of 48,967 square meters and a value of about 370 million yuan. The E2M1 plot will serve as the new headquarters and R&D production base of Zhongke Zixin, providing a complete infrastructure for the large-scale and standardized production of Zhongke Zixin sequencer and related products, and will build Zhongke Zixin into R&D and production. , sales, and after-sales service as one integrated enterprise.
Mr. Yin Jinlong, General Manager of Zixin Pharmaceutical, Mr. Bu Xianfeng, Project Director, Mr. Ren Lufeng, Deputy General Manager of Zhongke Zixin, Mr. Wang Zheqi, Deputy General Manager, and Ms. Xiong Rong, Vice President of Beijing Economic Development Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing Mr. Teng Hongliang, General Manager of Yizhuang Digital Display Industry Management Co., Ltd., and Mr. Jiang Hui, Manager, attended the handover ceremony.