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Zixin Ginseng Store introduces TCM health lectures into terminal sales

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On April 9th, 2016, the Zixin Ginseng Sales Company's specialty store department cooperated with China Merchants Bank to conduct a seminar on TCM health care for VIP customers and internal employees of China Merchants Bank. The event invited Professor Xie Xiangchun from Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital to explain the knowledge of spring health and ginseng health care, and to provide one-to-one dialectical guidance to customers, combined with ginseng products to give customers professional health care opinions, and also to develop Zixin ginseng products. activity. The event lasted for one day and attracted more than 50 customers. All of them are high-end and high-end people who meet the appeal of Zixin ginseng products. This group of people pays attention to health and quality of products. It is a precise customer that the company needs to continuously develop. In this activity, products such as ginseng enzymes and fresh ginseng honey tablets were favored by customers. The activity lasted for one day and reached more than 100 group purchase intentions, which achieved good results.


In view of the overlap between the banking system customers and the target customers of Zixin Ginseng, the ginseng sales company entered the bank counter system as early as November 2015, and has successively reached cooperation with Jilin Bank and China Merchants Bank to open the Zixin Ginseng counter in its VIP customer area. And develop a series of sales policies, mainly to develop group buying activities of high-end consumer groups. The launch of the TCM health lectures laid a good foundation for the group purchase activities of middle and high-end customers. The ginseng sales company will carry out such activities on a regular basis. It is hoped that through this form, the bank's VIP customer population will become a loyal customer of Zixin Ginseng and establish a long-term stable middle and high-end customer base.