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Zixin Ginseng unveiled the National Sugar and Wine Association

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On March 24th, 2016, the 94th National Sugar and Liquor Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as “Sugar Liquor”) was held in Chengdu. The ginseng sales company brought ginseng enzymes, fresh ginseng honey tablets, jade red and red ginseng gelatin cakes, and breathe. Ginseng beverages and other ginseng products were unveiled at the Sugar and Wine Association. The ginseng food and Zixin ginseng specialty store were attracted to the whole country and achieved good results.


As a "barometer" for Chinese beverages and food industry, the rum has become a "battlefield" for all companies of all sizes to compete on the same stage. This liqueur will attract nearly 3,000 food companies to participate in the exhibition. Many food and beverage companies have slogan “healthy, green and organic” and launched various innovative products. In addition to the participation of major food and beverage companies, some traditional pharmaceutical companies such as Rentang, Grass Coral, Amendment Pharmaceuticals, and North China Pharmaceuticals have also participated in the exhibition of food fast-moving products, striving to gain a share in the health food industry. In addition, South Korea's well-known ginseng brands Zhengguanzhuang, Enzhenyuan and other also participated in the exhibition. Among the many competitors, Zixin Ginseng brand is leading the show with its strong corporate strength and rich ginseng products.


Zixin people's exhibitors are located in the food exhibition hall of Hall 6, and they show their special features. The 48-square-meter special booth has a product exhibition area, a negotiation area, a ginseng culture area, and a corporate culture area. It aims to embody the concept of “technical ginseng, healthy living” and create a brand image of Zixin ginseng “zhizhenzhichun”. The main products are mainly ginseng enzymes, ginseng honey tablets, red ginseng gelatin cakes, ginseng and other main products, as well as molded red ginseng, fine red ginseng and other ginseng rough processing products, showing the diversification of Zixin ginseng products. Strong corporate strength, rich ginseng products and a series of preferential investment policies have won the favor of many customers, and many dealers and friends have come here.


Participating in the exhibition has always been an important way to attract investment from ginseng sales companies. In the past, most of the important customers of ginseng sales companies came from the development and maintenance of the intention customers of the exhibition. Participating in the exhibition not only can expand the exposure and influence of brand products, but also show the image and strength of the company. In this exhibition, the intent customers from Hangzhou, Qingdao, Beijing and other places came to Zixin people to participate in the exhibition. On-site intention customers are mainly concentrated in Central China, East China, Southwest China, etc. Most of the intended customers are their own channel providers, preferring both ginseng enzymes and fresh ginseng honey tablets, including customized enzymes, customized ginseng, jade red Wait. In addition, most of the intended customers are attracted by the display of Zixin ginseng's existing model market, such as airport specialty stores, Jingzhou market, Luoyang market, etc., which also explains the importance of establishing a “three-in-one” Zixin ginseng image store. 


During the three-day exhibition time, under the leadership of Ma Qiang, the director of the foreign market, the managers of the districts received more than 500 customers, collected thousands of customer data, and reached hundreds of customers, which successfully completed the exhibition. 


Zixin Ginseng once again showed its style at the Sugar and Wine Party, which won wide attention and high praise from all walks of life. It not only enhanced brand recognition and popularity, but also provided an effective reference for the future development of the product. Many interested customers, this is the greatest wealth that ginseng sales companies have gained.