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The Dutch company Fytagoras visited the Zixin Prajna Company

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On March 21st, 2016, Mr. Frits van Horssen, CEO of Fytagoras (hereinafter referred to as “FG Company”), Professor Bert van Duijn, Chief Scientist, and Dr. Henrie Korthout, a famous biochemist, registered at the Research and Production Management Center of the Group Company. Accompanied by Xu Dehui, Director of the General Department, Ma Dongmei, Production Director, and Dr. Liang Wen, the translator, visited the Zixin Prajna Company.


The relevant person in charge of Zixin Prajna Company led the FG company experts and accompanying personnel of the group company to visit the company's ginseng saponin extraction equipment and related inspection equipment. During the visit, the relevant person in charge of the company explained the equipment in detail and answered the questions raised by FG ​​experts. At the same time, the opinions and suggestions put forward by the experts were recorded and organized.


After the visit, FG company experts, company company escorts and the head of Zixin Prajna Company held a meeting to discuss the extraction process of ginseng saponins. At the meeting, Li Peng, deputy director of the company's pre-treatment extraction workshop, introduced the extraction process of ginseng saponins. The general manager and above and other relevant technical personnel attended the meeting.