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The sales promotion meeting of Zixin Cylinder and Double Zero Gold Ginseng was held

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In order to make Zixin Cylinder and Double Zero Ginseng smoothly sold, we won a good reputation and opened up the market. On March 11, 2016, Zixin Cylinder and Double Zero Ginseng products organized by Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Co., Ltd. were put on sale. The promotion meeting was held in Baishan Building, Yanji City. The promotion and promotion meeting was hosted by Han Xu, deputy general manager of quality of Jilin Zixin Chuanyuan Co., Ltd., and the three-part ginseng products of Zixin Cylinder and Double Zero Ginseng were sold through the third-party organization Ginseng Electronic Trading Platform of Jilin Province.


The “Double Zero Gold Ginseng” launched by this promotion conference is a new ginseng product that has been developed by the company after many years of painstaking research and development by Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Company. “Double Zero Golden Ginseng” is the world's recognized gem of the 41-degree north latitude Changbai Mountain ginseng gold producing area. Each one has the excellent quality of zero pesticide residue and zero heavy metal. Its shape, god and body are one of the best. The cross section has unique characteristics. The amber pattern is known as the "amber gold" in the red ginseng, so it is called "double zero gold ginseng".


Not all ginseng can be double zero gold ginseng, each double zero gold ginseng is precious, is a masterpiece of nature, has a unique gold quality. The quality of the ginseng is the source of the quality of the double zero gold. The company systematically identified the genetic resources of Chinese ginseng germplasm, and selected the species that are closest to wild ginseng and have excellent quality through a new generation of gene sequencing technology. Each gold ginseng is called fine selection. The coniferous and broad-blown virgin forest at an altitude of 500-1100 meters, the cool mountain climate, the loose and fertile humus soil, and the mineral water source flowing through the rock formation are all gifts of 41 degrees north latitude. The perfect ecological environment, suitable temperature and humidity and mineral-rich water resources make Changbai Mountain, which is 41 degrees north latitude, become the world-recognized “ginseng gold growing area”. The company prefers the best quality ginseng base in Changbai Mountain, and breeds double zero gold ginseng.


From the selection, breeding, planting, harvesting, selection and classification to storage, the traceability of the production process of double zero gold ginseng has been realized. From demanding management to advanced technology and careful care, every step is refined and impeccable. The implementation standard of double zero gold ginseng is much higher than the European standard and the American standard, which has achieved the excellent quality of zero pesticide residue and zero heavy metal, ensuring consumers to take it safely and safely.


Double zero gold ginseng inherits the traditional steaming, drying, drying and other processing techniques. With Zixin Technology ginseng as the research and development backing, in addition to continuously optimizing the technology and guaranteeing the quality, the special application of "ginseng does not get angry" is the international leading technology. The activity of the ginseng triol group and the ginseng saponin RO drying component which caused the fire was solved, and the problem of ginseng warming was solved.


Red ginseng has been nourishing top grade since ancient times. Double zero gold ginseng is the essence of red ginseng. Its supplement effect is better. It is suitable for people who need supplemental nutrition after surgery, postpartum, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, and after chemotherapy.


Another high-tech ginseng product, Cylinder Ginseng, launched at this product launch conference is a new high-quality ginseng seedling cultivation technology independently developed by the company. After five years of scientific research and research, the company and the Beijing Genomics Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences used genetic technology to screen high-quality ginseng seeds. At the same time, combined with the analysis and research data of more than 100 wild ginseng soil samples, using biological fermentation technology, biological bacterial fertilizer technology, hydrolyzed protein and hydrolyzed collagen technology, biological algae fertilizer decomposition technology, ginseng sputum forming technology, biological pesticide pest control, treatment Disease technology, the preparation of adult-specific growth of composite soil, to produce high-quality ginseng. This kind of ginseng has the advantages of good quality, high content of active ingredients, controllable varieties and categories. The ginseng fine planting technology can not only improve the cultivation and management efficiency of ginseng, but also effectively reduce the damage to the forest and protect the ecological environment. This research and development will have a profound impact on the ginseng industry in China and the world.

The product promotion and promotion will benefit the company, and let more consumers understand the Zixin cylinder and double zero gold ginseng products, satisfying the high standards and high pursuits of modern people for healthy living. The milestone indicates that the company has started a new journey. In the future, the company will continue to develop and innovate, develop ginseng products that are more in line with consumer needs, and make unremitting efforts for the health and wellness goals of the new era. The company will base itself on the domestic market and open up the international market, and strive to become a leading company in the fields of science and technology, specialization, intensive, international pharmaceutical companies and the world ginseng industry, and contribute to the development of Chinese medicine and ginseng industry!

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