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Zixin ginseng products became the "guest guest" of Fujian Economic and Trade Exchange Conference

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From February 24th to 26th, 2016, the delegation of Jilin Province led by Vice Governor of the People's Government of Jilin Province, Jiang Youwei, went to Fujian Province to participate in the economic and trade series exchange meeting. Zixin Pharmaceutical was invited as a star enterprise in Jilin Province, and was attended by representatives of Lin Yuquan, manager of the foreign market of Zixin Ginseng Sales Company. What is more gratifying is that Zixin Ginseng products have been designated as the main sponsorship products of this economic and trade exchange meeting, which is called the “seat guest” of the conference. The conference played a significant role in promoting the brand image of Zixin Ginseng, market layout and product investment.


The meeting held the Fujian-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Symposium, the Private Enterprise Chamber of Commerce Symposium, the Jilin Chamber of Commerce Symposium, the Quanzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce Symposium, the Jishang Representatives Symposium, and the Xiamen Federation of Industry and Commerce Symposiums in Fuzhou, Quanzhou and Xiamen. The 7-part project docking and exchange meeting, including the enterprise symposium, and 150 key enterprises in various regions, involving many industry sectors including the health industry. Zixin Ginseng, as a sponsor, presented Zixin ginseng products to the participating entrepreneurs, including ginseng enzymes, fresh ginseng honey tablets, jade red and red ginseng gelatin cakes and other main products. At the banquet of the exchange meeting, Lin Yuquan spoke on behalf of Zixin Ginseng Sales Company, expounding the development trend of ginseng industry and the overall development direction of Zixin ginseng in 2016, on Zixin ginseng planting base, deep processing technology, scientific and technological achievements, The ginseng reserve and the advantages of refined products were explained, and the scientific consumption methods of ginseng and the characteristics of Zixin ginseng foods that did not get angry were shared with entrepreneurs. After the meeting, each company carried out one-to-one precision docking. Many local entrepreneurs and even Taiwanese businessmen showed great interest in the Zixin ginseng product project. They came to consult and negotiate, Zixin ginseng became this time. A beautiful landscape of economic and trade exchanges.


The East China region has always been the key layout of the ginseng sales company. In the regions represented by Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian, Shanghai, etc., the annual per capita consumption of ginseng is about 0.2Kg, which has good eating habits and consumption levels of ginseng. The Fujian market is one of the key markets developed by the ginseng sales company in 2016. The development of the Fujian Provincial Economic and Trade Exchange Conference further promoted the promotion and investment promotion of the Zixin ginseng brand in Fujian Province for the 2016 Zixin Ginseng National Market. The layout provides a wealth of customer resources and a good market base. In 2016, the ginseng sales company will continue to focus on the key market development layout and the “Zixin Ginseng Specialty Store” system, break through the self and dare to be the first, and strive to achieve the overall strategic goal of 2016.

Zixin ginseng products appeared in Fujian Economic and Trade Exchange Conference

Zixin ginseng products become "seat guests"