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Zixin ginseng brand settled in Shenyang

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On January 30, 2016, Zixin Ginseng Shenyang Taoxian Airport Store opened grandly. The specialty store is located in the northeast specialty area in the domestic security inspection area of ​​Shenyang Airport. The area has a large flow of people, and the purchase is highly targeted. In addition, the strong ginseng culture and national atmosphere of Zixin Ginseng Store have fully utilized the ginseng culture experience of the specialty store. , product sales and branding the role of the Trinity.


In addition, in order to improve the promotion of Zixin Ginseng brand and open the pharmaceutical channel market, Zixin people participated in the cooperation relationship of Nanjing Tongrentang Lejia Laopu Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd., as an exclusive brand of ginseng, settled in Nanjing Tongrentang pharmacy chain. Open Zixin Ginseng counters in all stores. On January 30th, Nanjing Tongrentang Shenyang Wegongdian Store officially opened. Zixin Ginseng counters displayed Linxia ginseng, fine ginseng, molded red ginseng, fresh-keeping ginseng, all-required red ginseng, ginseng whisker, ginseng tablets and other high-end Ginseng products have become a bright spot. Shenyang is an international city in the three northeastern provinces. The development of the Shenyang market plays an important role in the construction of the “Zixin Ginseng” store system. With the spread of Zixin's footprint in Shenyang, the brand image of “Zixin Ginseng, Pure and Pure” and the brand concept of “Technology Ginseng, Healthy Living” will be more well known.