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Zixin ginseng Changchun model market shows its talents

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——“Soon breathing” set off a new year’s hot promotion boom

Changchun market is an important part of Jilin Zixin Ginseng Sales Company in the national market layout. Since the establishment of Jilin Zixin Ginseng Sales Company, the development of Changchun local market and the creation of model market, Zixin Ginseng has occupied the Northeast market and even the whole country. Strategic means. Through more than two years of market development, the sales channels in the local market have covered almost all areas of Changchun, which has enhanced brand awareness and has many loyal “fans”, especially respiratory products, which have already occupied a certain market in Changchun. Share. Based on the full coverage of the channel network and customer resources, Jilin Zixin Ginseng Sales Co., Ltd. plans to use the upsurge of buying Chinese New Year in the early Spring Festival to carry out large-scale brand promotion activities and channel promotion activities for 2-3 months for the participation of breathing, in order to achieve 2016 The sales target lays a good foundation.


Establish the image of respiratory products and vigorously carry out brand promotion activities


As the year is approaching, beverages and beverages have become a must-have gift for visiting relatives and friends. In order to vigorously carry out brand promotion activities, various businesses can be described as racking their brains and singularly, and the competition in the beverage market is in full swing. According to the functional positioning of the respiratory products and the sales characteristics of the past year, Zixin Ginseng has launched a series of brand promotion activities by taking advantage of the frequent smog weather during the central heating in winter and the time when consumers are used to winter tonic.


Respiratory care and lung care activities - health courier

According to the characteristics of the products of the breathing, the white-collar workers and the employees of enterprises and institutions in the major office buildings in Changchun City are locked into the main target groups. By paying attention to the WeChat platform to submit applications, you will be free to give your friends a free expression of respiratory products, and at the same time with beautiful publicity materials, expand the influence of respiratory products in the target population, enhance the brand reputation, and create a healthy express delivery brand image. The event will cover key office buildings in various regions of Changchun City, such as Bank of China Tower and Weifeng International. Through the mutual donation between the target groups, it is expected to directly cover about 8,000 people. Consumers who receive gifts will share with the company colleagues. The mutual influence is expected to cover about 100,000 people indirectly.


Participate in breathing to save fashion action - taste delivery

In order to enable young consumers to develop the consumption habits of drinking healthy drinks, cultivate healthy consumption concepts, and establish a brand image of respiratory health care, Zixin Ginseng Sales Company has locked in Changchun's major studios and placed them at the entrances and ticket offices of the studios. Breathing image advertisements, you can enjoy the breathing products by purchasing movie tickets, allowing consumers to enjoy the nourishment of breathing while watching the movie, and to cultivate consumer awareness of drinking healthy drinks. The event covers about 24,000 people for the future. The sales of various channels in the city have important significance.


Participation in breathing for the public health action - city express

Cooperate with the hot Baidu takeaway platform, and promote the health concept of breathing winter health. Online joint Baidu take-out merchants to carry out the city's gift-giving activities, more highlights of the collection of breathing cans, star male gods door-to-door delivery, through the cross-border cooperation to achieve greater promotion efforts, improve the exposure rate of respiratory products. Offline and Baidu takeaway knights to participate in breathing green travel, daily distribution of leaflets covering about 20,000 audiences, advocate healthy living.


Form a multi-channel market network coverage and carry out all-round bombing promotion

While promoting the breathing brand, Zixin Ginseng Sales Company has used more than 200 home-drinking channels, thousands of circulation channels, more than 100 Shangchao, major chain pharmacies and ginseng specialty stores to accumulate in one year. Launch terminal promotion activities:


In the Shangchao channel, we will create a respiratory image store and creative ground piles, and use a series of means such as escalator advertising display, cashier display, in-store circulation broadcast, DM poster, and outer island promotion to carry out activities such as buying, gifting, and lottery. 


The circulation channels are designed to cover the major communities in Changchun, conduct health talks in the community, distribute respiratory health leaflets, promote the concept of breathing and health care, and carry out display rack display and freezer display in supermarkets around the communities to carry out shopping and gift activities


The table display was carried out in the catering channel, and related materials such as toothpick holder, paper pumping, and arranging card were made. At the same time, publicity display racks were placed in the store, and promotional activities such as labeling and prize-winning were carried out to increase the rate of product ordering and drive sales.


Through multi-channel promotion and brand promotion, Zixin Ginseng Sales Company has expanded the recognition and consumption group of ginseng nourishing, reshaped the ginseng's demand for nourishing demand, and let more consumers understand the edible methods of ginseng. Accepted the concept of ginseng as a daily health food.


Stars wear the moon to open up the market, six experiences have been tried and tested

Through the development of purchasing points, entering the supermarket, negotiating customers, maintaining customer sentiment, making the point into a line, the line into a surface, the surface evolved into a regional, regional formation market, Zixin ginseng sales people through the micro accumulation and drip maintenance, to create almost Cover the model market in the city. As a salesperson of Zixin Ginseng said, it is easy to make channels and it is very difficult to make channels. They summed up six experiences: one is fine, the second is diligent, the other is fine, the second is diligent, the legs are diligent, and the third is thicker, sweeter, and hearty. They go to work at the earliest day, and they run the market in the morning. They go to work at the latest every day, do activities to make a summary of their work; their holidays are the busiest, and they promote and promote the situation. Every improvement in the market channel may be the result of hundreds of times they have traveled.


Nowadays, whether it is a sales outlet or a restaurant, Zixin ginseng products are everywhere, regardless of the size of the supermarket or the ginseng pharmacy. The ginseng, which used to be used as a "life-saving", has truly "flyed into" the homes of ordinary people and has entered the daily lives of consumers under the unremitting efforts of Zixin people. At the beginning of the new year, Zixin Ginseng products have undoubtedly become the most popular health gift in Spring City. Zixin Ginseng sellers are undoubtedly the busiest people.


In 2016, Jilin Zixin Ginseng Sales Company will continue to adhere to the market-oriented, resource-based, technology-driven, project-oriented, efficiency-centered, and enhance the overall strength and market competitiveness of the ginseng industry. Improve the ability to adapt to the market and respond quickly, carefully cultivate the company's brand, enhance customer satisfaction with the product and loyalty to the brand, and move toward a broader market.