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Warm customers, love, Christmas

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——Zi Xin Pharmaceutical Clinical Medicine Marketing Center Beijing Office Christmas Series Reward Activities


"Thank you Santa, this gift I like very much, the glowing Christmas tree is so beautiful!" The little boy said with a Christmas hat and a small snowman doll. This is not in Disneyland, nor in the cartoon scene, but the high-level representative of Zixin Pharmaceutical Clinical Drug Marketing Center Beijing Office, Gui Weibin dressed as Santa Claus, airborne in the customer's home to send Christmas gifts!


The first big surprise: the exclusive desk calendar with heart and heart to send the truth


The “Christmas Gifts” series of activities is a well-planned Christmas rewards event at the Beijing Office of the Clinical Drug Marketing Center. Since the beginning of December 2015, the event has been kicked off. The colleagues in the Beijing office have sent their first surprises to customers: they carefully collected photos of customers and their families and carefully produced them for 2016. Exclusive desk calendars and calendars; some special festivals, such as parents, lover, children's birthday, wedding anniversary, etc., are also marked with special icons and words; many customers are in the field, also "Northern drift" family, for this In the situation, colleagues in the Beijing office also made two or three sets of intimately and mailed them to their parents in their hometown. Upon receiving this special gift, the customers were deeply touched and thanked: "This gift is too meaningful and too hearty! I am busy with work, not to mention my family's birthday, sometimes even my birthday is busy. Forgot. Thank you!"

Exclusive desk calendar carefully crafted for customers

The birthdays of the client’s family are specially marked on the desk calendar.


Second surprise: Santa Claus airborne delivery Christmas gift

On December 24th and 25th, 2015, more than 30 representatives from all districts of the Beijing office dressed up as “Santa Claus”, walked into the customer's home, sent the decorated Christmas tree to the customer, and distributed Christmas for the customer's children. The gift, the second surprise of Christmas and the blessing of warm heart. When the customers saw "Santa Claus" personally arriving at home to send Christmas trees and Christmas gifts, the surprise was full of laughter and laughter. A joy, a touch, and a harvest is full of happiness.


The children are curious about the flashing Christmas tree and love the Christmas gifts, but what interests them most is the “Santa Claus”. "The children came to take a photo with me, and a few little guys secretly kissed me and stuck to me and refused to come down." Gui Weibin said with a smile, "I also danced with two children." Jiangnan Style, I laughed everyone."

a small Christmas gift prepared for the children

Christmas tree distributed to customers' homes


Children and Christmas tree together


Children vying for a photo with "Santa Claus" Gui Weibin


Treat customers as friends, win trust with sincerity

Gui Weibin is a native of Dunhua City, Jilin Province. Five years ago, he joined the Zixin family and worked in the sales of clinical medicines in Miyun County and Huairou District of Beijing for two years. "I am very fortunate to meet Zixin and become a part of it. The atmosphere of seeking truth and being pragmatic and harmonious is something I have never encountered since I worked. In Zixin, there will always be a lot of positive energy inspiring me," The young man said with a move.


“We have been doing this for several years,” said the general manager of the Beijing office of the Clinical Drug Sales Center. “It is very important to treat people with sincerity in dealing with sales. It is necessary to make friends with customers in a sincere manner, to be sincere, to think about problems from the perspective of customers, and to abandon those short-term thinking methods that are only for the purpose of clinical quantity. And behavior. This is also an important reason why we can win many long-term customers."


A warm smile, a simple hug, perhaps this is the usual but sincere exchange, so that customers always feel the true meaning of Zixin people's long flowing water.