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“Huodanpian” won the famous brand products in Jilin Province

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Recently, good news came from the Jilin Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau. Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Liuhe Company's “Qidan Tablet” declared in 2015 was awarded “Jilin Province Famous Brand Product”. So far, including the two varieties of Huoxue Tongmai and Si Miaowan that have been successfully declared before, Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Liuhe has owned 3 provincial famous brand products, which is the period in which the company has the largest number of provincial famous brand products.


It is one of the leading products of Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Liuhe Company, and it is a national second-class Chinese medicine protection variety. It has the functions of aromatizing turbidity, clearing heat and relieving phlegm, and is used for treating nasal congestion caused by wet turbidity, gallbladder stagnation, sputum sputum or turbidity, and forehead headache.


In recent years, the variety has won the recognition and trust of the majority of patients with accurate therapeutic effects. The production and sales volume have increased rapidly, and the market share has increased steadily.


The success of this application is another major achievement of Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Liuhe Company in its long-term brand development strategy, which will surely promote the company's brand strategy to a higher goal.