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Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Pharmaceutical participated in the 13th China International Agricultural Trade Fair

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From November 7 to 10, 2015, the 13th China International Agricultural Trade Fair was held in Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center in Fujian Province. In order to speed up the construction of ginseng brand in Jilin Province and expand the market of ginseng consumption at home and abroad, the sales department of Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. participated in the agricultural fair.


The current Agricultural Fair continues to adhere to the principle of “showing results, promoting exchanges and promoting trade” and the principle of “excellent, open and pragmatic”, and the theme of “deepening rural reform and developing modern agriculture” is rich in content and highlights. Prominently, it has fully demonstrated the good image of famous, excellent, special, new products and local specialty products as well as agricultural opening up and China's agricultural products. Minister of Agriculture Han Changfu said at the opening ceremony that this year's agriculture has ushered in a bumper harvest year, and farmers' incomes continue to maintain a good momentum of rapid growth. This agricultural fair is a vivid display of agricultural harvest and farmers' income. It is hoped that exhibitors and buyers at home and abroad will strengthen exchanges, seek business opportunities, actively cooperate and achieve win-win through exhibitions.


The current agricultural fair has more prominent trade talks and product sales, paying more attention to the transformation of agricultural consumption and the quality and safety of agricultural products, and paying more attention to rural reform and agricultural modernization. Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the agricultural industry of Jilin Province. Its wholly-owned subsidiary, Jilin Zixin Chuanyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., carries the company's main products, ginseng fruit and vegetable enzyme beverage, red ginseng jujube tea, fresh ginseng honey tablets, and breathing. Ginseng double ear drink, jade red face and other ginseng deep processing products participated in the exhibition.


During the exhibition, the products of Chuanyuan Company were deeply loved by consumers, and the audiences rushed to buy. The staff of the sales department of the company enthusiastically introduced the efficacy and production process of the products to the exchange enterprises and exhibitors, so that the national medicinal materials dealers who came to visit had a more intuitive understanding of the company's ginseng and ginseng products. As a well-known ginseng enterprise in the country, Chuanyuan Pharmaceutical's products have attracted the attention of many customers with novel packaging and beautiful colors, and have become the most outstanding leader in the ginseng products.


The company introduced and recommended the main products and brands to the customers at the same time, and also showed the development prospects of the company and the strength of the product R&D team. Many customers from all over the country have shown great interest and enthusiasm for the company's ginseng products, and extended an olive branch to us.


Through this fair, it effectively demonstrated the development results of the deep processing of ginseng in ginseng pharmaceutical industry, expanded the publicity and popularity of the company and products, improved the circulation of ginseng deep processing products, promoted the leading enterprises in industrialization, and promoted the ginseng industry in Jilin Province. Development has played a positive role in promoting.