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Jilin University Experts Group visited Zixin Pharmaceutical Liuhe Company

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On the morning of October 14, 2015, led by Jilin University Industrial Research Institute and Tonghua Science and Technology Bureau, Zhang Tao, Vice President of Jilin University Industrial Research Institute, Li Lanzhi, Party Secretary of Life Science College, and Jiang Chunlai, Vice President of the College of Life Sciences, formed the team. Including more than 20 professors, associate professors, senior engineers, lecturers and expert groups, went to Tonghua City to investigate the Zixin Pharmaceutical Liuhe Company. The main purpose of the mission is to understand the enterprise's technological innovation and new product development, understand the technical needs of the enterprise, consult the enterprise's scientific and technological innovation, and use the advantages of Jilin University in terms of talents and scientific research resources to carry out project cooperation with the enterprise. And provide relevant technical services for enterprises.


During the inspection, Han Ming, general manager of Zixin Pharmaceutical Liuhe Company, briefed the delegation on the basic situation of the company. Director Xu Dehui of the Research and Production Management Center introduced the progress, achievements and future development plans of Zixin Pharmaceutical in the research of new drug research, ginseng product development, ginseng resource census, and next-generation gene sequencer development. The delegation expressed high recognition and praise for the achievements of Zixin Pharmaceutical in the development of the company's business and technology research and development.


The experts of the delegation introduced the research projects and achievements of the Bios Pharmaceuticals, peptide-targeted drug screening, development of traditional Chinese medicine microecological preparations, modern extraction technology and application of drug-eating homologous traditional Chinese medicine active substances to the company's leaders. After listening to each other, the two sides held heated discussions and exchanges on various topics such as the development of new Chinese medicine products, the development of ginseng enzymes such as ginseng enzymes and ginseng soap. The delegation said that it will help enterprises solve technical problems and jointly promote enterprise technology research and development.


Through extensive and in-depth exchanges of this visit, the school has truly understood the technical needs of the company. At the same time, the company also learned about the technological achievements and advantages of Jilin University, and expanded the broad space for the future cooperation between the school and the enterprise.


After the inspection, the delegation visited the construction site of the new plant in the Liuhe Economic Development Zone and took a group photo.