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Deputy Director of Production Planning Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, inspected Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Company

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On October 12, 2015, Zhang Hui, deputy director of the Production Planning Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, led a research team to investigate the development of ginseng industry in Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Company. He Yu, general manager of Zixin Chuanyuan, Han Xu, deputy general manager of the quality department, Cui Junming, director of the production department, and Shi Jia, director of the Ministry of General Affairs, accompanied him.

Zhang Hui first came to the company's ginseng, through the introduction of the company's general manager He Yu, a detailed understanding of the company's ginseng all from the GAAP ginseng planting base of the company. After listening to the basic report of the company's GAP ginseng planting base, Zhang Hui said that Changbai Mountain's unique geographical and climatic conditions have created the excellent quality of Changbai Mountain ginseng. It is necessary to make full use of these advantages, develop new industries, cultivate new markets, and establish new ones. Culture, actively create Zixin ginseng brand, expand the popularity and influence of Zixin ginseng, plan the development of ginseng industry with modern agricultural concept, and enlarge and strengthen ginseng industry according to the development idea of ​​the whole industry chain.

"The development of ginseng industry should face the market, face the world, and face the future, and make the ginseng industry a new economic growth point." When people participated in the workshop, Zhang Hui pointed out that there must be a "good ginseng, technology ginseng" concept, through the brand The power guides the farmers to carry out standardized planting, increase training efforts, standardize the operation process, and provide consumers with high-quality ginseng while obtaining the “win-win” between enterprises and farmers. In terms of market cultivation, it is necessary to actively develop ginseng varieties suitable for different consumer groups, and continuously expand the market share and sales channels of Zixin ginseng.

In the company's extraction workshop, Zhang Hui and his team watched the operation of extracting enzyme equipment and listened to the introduction, and learned in detail about the production, processing, development and construction of ginseng fruit and vegetable enzymes, and established the company's product development and upgrading as the key to the development of the company. The step-by-step scientific research system of “production generation, reserve generation, research and development generation” has established a research and development institution. At the same time, the “farmer-government-company-instance” four-in-one planting management system was established, and high-quality raw material planting bases were cultivated, which provided strong support for the brand of “Zixin Ginseng” and led the ginseng industry to digitalization and standardization. Appreciation of the successful transformation of efficacy, branding, scale and internationalization. He demanded that we should continue to do a good job in cultivating the market, publicize the concept of health, support science and technology, brand and product innovation, and rely on leading enterprises to promote the pattern of industrial development. Then, Zhang Hui went into the extraction fermentation workshop and visited the fermentation process of ginseng fruit and vegetable fermentation. He demanded that while protecting the culture of ginseng, it is necessary to actively develop tourism products, so that more people can know Zixin ginseng and love Zixin ginseng.

Subsequently, Zhang Hui and his entourage visited the company's product display hall and tasted the company's fist products, fresh ginseng honey tablets, ginseng fruit and vegetable enzymes, jade red, and breath, and highly praised on taste, quality and innovative ideas. Fully affirmed the achievements of the company, and gave guidance on the development of characteristic agricultural products processing, Zixin Ginseng brand positioning, and put forward constructive opinions on how to accelerate the development of enterprises. He pointed out that enterprises have better resource advantages and technological advantages, and hope to strengthen foreign exchanges and learning while consolidating the foundation, and strive to build Zixin ginseng into high-end products. Further based on the regional characteristics of Changbai Mountain, give play to the advantages of science and technology, strengthen technology integration, accelerate the pace of enterprise development, and regionally drive people to participate in the development of the industrial industry. At the same time, it is indicated that Chinese agricultural enterprises should seek overseas expansion in the case of limited domestic agricultural natural resources. The timing and conditions for China's implementation of the “going out” strategy for agriculture have matured. Large enterprises are the main force for agriculture to “go global” and must seize the historical opportunities of globalization. Large leading enterprises such as Zixin Chuyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. must pay full attention to the development of domestic and foreign markets, work hard on the quality of products, develop a strong brand, and implement brand strategy; enterprises must realize the scale of production and operation, Industrialization, we must pay more attention to the prevention and prevention of agricultural products; at the same time, enterprises must vigorously develop science and technology to promote agriculture, and make a fuss about increasing the added value of agricultural products and further improving the deep processing of agricultural products.

Finally, He Yu, the general manager of Jilin Zixin Chuanyuan Company, represented all the staff of the company, and thanked Deputy Director Zhang Hui for his guidance and valuable suggestions and ardent expectations. He also said that the rapid development of the special agricultural products ginseng deep processing is a rare historical opportunity. Zixin ginseng will continue to advance and make new contributions to building a modern agriculture and building a well-off society!