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Zixin Pharmaceutical started the precision medicine soaring gun

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Launched China's first practical domestic serializer with independent intellectual property rights


Guo Chunlin, Chairman of Zixin Pharmaceutical, delivered a speech

Yin Jinlong, general manager of Zizhongke Zixin, signed a contract with the cooperation unit

The BIGIS sequencer display site was widely watched by on-site guests. The scene of the sequencer was widely watched by the guests.


Originally scheduled to be held on August 7, 2015 at the Beijing Fengda International Hotel, “Zhongke Zixin BIGIS Second Generation Sequencing System Promotion Conference”, the number of participants exceeded the meeting expectations, and the venue was changed to Beijing Jinjiang Fuyuan University. Hotel.


What kind of meeting can attract so much attention? How does the Zhongke Zixin BIGIS second-generation sequencing system affect the industry?


“This move marks China's first practical domestically produced sequencer with independent intellectual property rights to start multi-domain sequencing applications, filling a gap in China's upstream equipment manufacturing in the genetic sequencing industry chain.” 7th, Beijing Zhongke Dr. Yin Jinlong, Chairman of Zixin Technology Co., Ltd. said.


Not only that, Dr. Ren Lufeng, chief scientist of Zhongke Zixin, told reporters that the advent of domestic sequencers not only drove the development of the entire domestic gene health industry, but also strengthened the international market competitiveness of China's gene sequencing technology industry and safeguarded the country. Bioinformation security.


Breaking international monopoly reduces sequencing costs

The meeting invited experts from the national health management departments, clinical medical institutions, research institutes, universities, judicial appraisal, inspection and quarantine, etc., to witness the development process of the domestic independent intellectual property sequencer BIGIS system, and in-depth discussion of the domestic The development status of the sequencing industry and valuable suggestions for the improvement and development of domestic sequencing instruments.


Reporter Baidu "gene sequencer", found about 3.8 million related results. Compared with existing products on the market, what are the advantages of BIGIS second-generation sequencing system and supporting reagent consumables?


“Compared with the large-scale, professionally demanding and difficult-to-operate sequencers on the market, this demonstration highlights the three major advantages of BIGIS sequencers,” said Dr. Ren Lufeng, chief scientist of Zhongke Zixin.


First of all, the refined shape saves space. Its size is very suitable for small and medium-sized laboratories. The convenient touch screen design does not require users to equip with accessories such as mouse and keyboard. Secondly, the perfect upstream and downstream supporting system, the “fool-like” operation process makes sequencing easier, even without professional background. The sequencing operation can be completed, and the customer's worries about the next-generation sequencing analysis are solved. Finally, the localized reagents and chips break the international monopoly and reduce the cost of sequencing. This is another highlight of the promotion.


"This event also marks the beginning of large-scale multi-domain sequencing applications for China's first practical domestic sequencer. It also demonstrates the confidence of the industry in BIGIS sequencers and the determination to develop the Chinese gene sequencing industry." Dr. Yin Jinlong, Chairman of Beijing Zhongke Zixin Technology Co., Ltd. told the reporter that Zhongke Zixin always takes the Chinese as its own sequencer as its mission to promote the vigorous development of China's gene sequencing industry and strive for internationally competitive sequencing. Develop a new situation in the industry and build a world brand of Chinese sequencers.


At the end of the meeting, Zhongke Zixin issued a certificate of authorization to some trial customers, and signed a joint laboratory cooperation agreement with the Marine Genetics and Breeding Laboratory of Ocean University of China and Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Filling the gap in the industrial chain to ensure national bio-information security

It is understood that in recent years, with the continuous advancement of gene sequencing technology, three major technology platforms have emerged, namely the first generation of capillary sequencing technology, the second generation of high-throughput sequencing technology (next generation sequencing technology) and single-molecule sequencing technology. 


Among them, the new generation of sequencing technology has replaced the first generation of sequencing technology with its high throughput, low cost and high accuracy, becoming the mainstream of the sequencing market. And because the third-generation sequencing technology currently faces the marketization bottleneck with high sequencing cost and relatively low accuracy of sequencing results, next-generation sequencing technology will remain the mainstream method of gene sequencing within 5 to 10 years.


It is understood that through the analysis of the development of the whole industry chain of gene sequencing, from the perspective of the scale and growth of the gene sequencing market, the equipment and consumables market is still the largest part of the industry chain.


"Because of the high technical barriers of sequencing equipment, the global market for sequencers is monopolized by only a few foreign companies, mainly from companies such as Illumina and LifeTech." Dr. Ren Lufeng, chief scientist of Zhongke Zixin, said that this time At the promotion meeting, the emergence of Zhongke Zixin BIGIS sequencing system will break this monopoly and is expected to form a new sequencing market.


At the promotion meeting, the BIGIS-1 sequencing system and supporting reagents and chips attracted widespread attention from the guests.


"The emergence of BIGIS sequencer has a very important significance for the development of China's gene sequencing industry. It will break the situation that genetic sequencing instruments and reagent consumables rely heavily on imports, which provides a reliable guarantee for the reduction of domestic sequencing costs." Beijing Zhongke Zixin Dr. Yin Jinlong, Chairman of the Science and Technology Co., Ltd., said that the advent of domestically produced sequencers not only led to the development of the entire domestic genetic health industry, but also increased economic benefits, created market value, and strengthened the international market competition of China's gene sequencing technology industry. Force to protect nationalbioinformation security.


The total output value will reach 200 billion yuan in the next 5 to 10 years.


"After 5 years, everyone will have a genetic ID card, which can be used for precision medicine. For each group's different genetic characteristics, precise use of some drugs for personalized treatment, reduce the harm of other drugs to the body, and make the disease get better quickly. "Dr. Yin Jinlong, Chairman of Beijing Zhongke Zixin Technology Co., Ltd. is full of embarrassment.


It is understood that the US "Precision Medical Plan" has clearly defined that the first task is to complete the genome sequencing of millions of individuals. In February 2015, General Secretary Xi Jinping instructed the Ministry of Science and Technology and the National Health and Family Planning Commission to request the State to establish the China Precision Medical Strategy Expert Group. A total of 19 experts formed the National Expert Committee on Precision Medical Strategy.


What is the internal relationship between gene sequencing and precision medicine?

“Precise Medicine is the medical method that China is currently promoting at the '2015 First Tsinghua Precision Medicine Forum' on April 21, 2015.” Dr. Yu Jun, the leader of domestic gene sequencing, said at the meeting that 2030 years ago, China's precision medical care will invest 60 billion yuan, of which the central government will pay 20 billion yuan, and the enterprise and local finance will support 40 billion yuan. As an important part of the precision medical plan, genetic testing will usher in a period of rapid development.


“There will be five sequencing machines in this promotion, and a total of 18 sequencer test units will be completed within one to two months,” said Dr. Yin Jinlong, Chairman of Beijing Zhongke Zixin Technology Co., Ltd.


According to the report, after the production of the Zhongke Zixin gene sequencing production plant, the annual output of the genetic sequencer is 10,000 units. In the next 5 to 10 years, with the addition of sequencing reagents and other products, there will be at least 100 billion to 200 billion yuan in GDP.