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The leaders of Qingyuan Municipal Government of Guangdong Province visited Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Pharmaceutical Industry

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On July 23, 2015, Yu Aiguo, deputy director of Qingyuan High-tech Zone Management Committee of Qingyuan Municipal Government of Guangdong Province, Chen Jianwen, Director of Enterprise Service Bureau of Qingyuan High-tech Zone, and He Mingbin, Chief of Enterprise Service Bureau of Qingyuan High-tech Zone, etc., formed a research group. Accompanied by He Yu, the general manager of Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Sun Zuoqi, the deputy general manager of production, and Shi Jia, the general minister of the company, inspected the progress of the project construction of the Jilin Zixin Chuyuan plant and research company.


Yu Aiguo and other leaders visited the ginseng workshop, extraction workshop and beverage workshop in the factory of Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Company. Under the introduction of General Manager He, comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the construction of the factory and production.


Yu Aiguo spoke highly of the rational layout and construction of Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Company, the orderly production operation and the efficient modern production mode. He took the initiative to undertake corporate social responsibility and attach great importance to environmental protection and support to Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Company. The efforts and achievements of economic development were fully affirmed, and constructive suggestions were made on the development of Jilin Zixin Chuyuan.


Mr. He introduced to the research group that the ginseng industry is a characteristic industry of Jilin Province. The special geographical position is a major advantage of the development of ginseng industry in our province and a major breakthrough for economic growth in Jilin Province. Ginseng is an important raw material for medicinal use and health care products. The deep processing of ginseng is the fundamental way out for the development of ginseng industry. Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Company is one of the four ginseng production and processing bases of Zixin Pharmaceutical. It is mainly engaged in the in-depth development of ginseng series of edible health products and the acquisition and processing of ginseng. Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Company fully recognizes the strategic significance of the “Changbai Mountain Ginseng” brand and translates this awareness into product positioning. With the strong support of the parent company Zixin Pharmaceutical, scientific research strength, technology level, corporate reputation, talents and financial security have a strong advantage.


He also introduced the resource advantages of Zixin Pharmaceutical in the continuous supply of raw materials for production resources in combination with the actual situation of ginseng industry in Jilin Province, as well as deepening the scientific research and strengthening the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in ginseng fields, and strengthening the fine processing and development of ginseng products. The high value-added ginseng fine processing products have become a powerful guarantee for the company's development and various research and development initiatives.


The leaders of the research team highly appreciated the gradual and continuous development of Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Company, relying on strong brands to develop the market and win the brand concept of consumers, and expressed the willingness to cooperate in building partnerships, learning from each other and exploring together.