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Jilin Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee and Secretary General Fang Wei visited Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Company

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On July 3, 2015, the Standing Committee of the Jilin Provincial Party Committee and the Secretary-General Fang Yi and his entourage visited Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for a visit. Jilin Yanbian State Party Secretary Zhang Anshun, Jilin Yanbian Prefecture Governor Li Jinghao, Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Production Department Minister Cui Junming, Quality Minister Tan Wei, and General Minister Shi Jia accompanied and inspected the company's relevant situation.


Jilin ginseng has a long history of production and is known as the king of herbs. With the deepening of ginseng research and exploration and people's pursuit of health, ginseng, a special Chinese herbal medicine, has begun to be accepted and loved by consumers. Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Company's ginseng industry is facing a golden opportunity for development. After listening to the work report of the relevant person in charge of Jilin Zixin Chuanyuan Company, the Secretary General of Fangfang, in conjunction with the relevant policies issued by the Jilin Provincial People's Government, the development situation of the ginseng industry and the brand development goals, demanded that Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Company lay a solid foundation. Independent innovation, and actively promote the development of ginseng industry.


In the extraction workshop of Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Company, the Secretary General Fang Fang first listened to the development status of ginseng fermentation technology and the report of future planning. The Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Company was able to respond to the government's call to standardize and standardize the production of ginseng fermentation series. The product has been fully affirmed. She asked Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Company to be brave in innovation, research and develop ginseng production and processing technology, create its own unique brand, and strive to enhance the company's core competitiveness.


When seeing the whole set of large-scale extraction enzyme equipment in the company's factory building, Secretary-General Fang Yi said with deep feeling that Jilin ginseng has a long history, unique quality and bright future. The development of ginseng industry is of great significance, is conducive to the development of the economy, is conducive to farmers to get rich, and is conducive to the health of the people. Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Company has obvious advantages in developing ginseng industry. As long as we seize the opportunity, rely on science and technology, rely on the masses, rely on policies, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, take advantage of the momentum, and act in accordance with the laws of the socialist market economy, the Jilin ginseng industry will surely usher in a better tomorrow.


"Developing the ginseng industry and casting national brands. In the new century, the magical ginseng will make new and greater contributions to the cause of human health. Only by developing a large-scale production enterprise like Jilin Zixin Chuyuan, In order to meet the development needs of the growing ginseng deep processing industry, we must hire professional and technical personnel to carry out technical guidance, further expand the production scale, and push the experience of deep processing of ginseng in Jilin Zixin Chuyuan to the whole country. The Secretary General asked the company to increase scientific and technological innovation, pay attention to brand building, build ginseng products, upgrade product grades, and rely on brands to promote the development of ginseng industry. During the inspection process, Cui Junming, the head of the production department of the company, also reported to the Secretary General of Fangfang the development strategy of Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Pharmaceutical Ginseng Industry in the second half of 2015. The company will further increase its technological innovation in quality and quantity. Under the premise, we will continue to introduce new products and strive to achieve new breakthroughs.


Subsequently, accompanied by Cui Junming, the company's production minister, Fang Wei, the secretary-general, went deep into the beverage workshop to visit the production site for beverage filling. The Secretary General of the Housing Department has stopped to inquire about production equipment and process conditions from time to time, and fully affirmed the company's production and management work, and provided guidance. She asked Jilin Zixin Chuyuan to continuously extend the industrial chain, solidly promote industrial restructuring, aim at international and domestic markets, increase market share, develop superior products, increase product added value, and further enhance the company's overall strength.


The Secretary General of Fangfang expressed his appreciation for the achievements of Jilin Zixin Chuyuan Company in developing the ginseng industry, and hoped that the company could make persistent efforts to make greater contributions to the development of the ginseng industry in Jilin Province.