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For the national industry to take off, Jilin Zixin Pharmaceuticals has taken off the world stage.

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(Guo Guoqiang (second from left), director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the leaders of Zixin Pharmaceutical)

In Beijing in June, the breeze was full of hopeful sweetness.


From June 1st to 4th, at the sixth plenary meeting of the International Organization for Standardization/Traditional Chinese Medicine (Tentative Name) Technical Committee (ISO/TC249) held in Beijing, Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was regarded as an excellent pharmaceutical company in China. The only authorized support unit of the conference was unveiled. In the eyes of the 12 member states and ISO headquarters, the World Federation of Acupuncture Associations, the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Associations, ISO/TC215, etc., Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical is undoubtedly The most shining "star" - the break of the meeting, the delegates or around the exhibition board of Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical, understand the development of Chinese medicine industry in China, understand the industrialization of Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical; or stand in Jilin Before the booth of Zixin Pharmaceutical, directly experience the ginseng products of Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical, Zixinhong·fresh ginseng honey tablets, jade red and red ginseng gelatin cakes, ginseng and ginseng binaural beverages, ginseng enzyme fruit tree fermented beverages, etc. The products are frequently recognized and praised by the participants.


ISO/TC249 has been officially established since 2009, and its role in the formulation of international standards for Chinese medicine has become increasingly prominent, making an important contribution to the widespread dissemination and application of Chinese medicine in the world. Prior to this, Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical has participated in 4 ISO/TC249 meetings. Why is the important international conference to choose Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical as the only authorized support unit when it is held in Beijing? And look at the road to the industrialization of Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical, the answer is on paper.


Science and Technology and Development: Winning the International Stage with Strength


Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in Liuhe County, Tonghua City, a famous medicine city in Jilin Province. It was established in May 1998. It is a pillar of the three major industries of Chinese patent medicine, ginseng industry and gene sequencer in Jilin Province. A high-tech joint-stock enterprise integrating production, sales and cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines. It was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in March 2007 with the stock code “002118”. At present, the company has 12 subsidiaries, all of which are located in major areas ofJilin Province.

Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical has always been based on the development of proprietary Chinese medicines. The core values ​​of “Pin Shuren and Dezhi” have always been the belief of Zixin people, and they are aiming at the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine. Combine with innovation and work hard to better serve the public's health. At present, Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical has 12 major pharmaceutical dosage forms, 206 drug approval numbers, and 30 drug and food production lines, all of which have passed GMP and QS certification. Adhere to the implementation of the brand development strategy, and strive to create a "Zixin" brand, to achieve the "quality and purity" service patients' health concept.


The pointer of time jumped In 2010, Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical adjusted its industrial structure, entered the ginseng industry, and took the ginseng industry as the vanguard of the company's future development. He held the banner of “Technology Ginseng” and became the promoter of the development of ginseng industry in Jilin Province. In April 2010, the Chinese ginseng genome project was officially launched, marking the official launch and full implementation of ginseng genome research and development. In November of the same year, Zixin Pharmaceutical and the Tonghua Municipal Government, the Changchun Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Beijing Genomics Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement for ginseng industry, officially launching the ginseng genome project.


Through genome-wide sequencing studies of five ginseng (Chinese ginseng Da Ma, Chinese ginseng Erma, Chinese ginseng wild ginseng, American ginseng and Korean ginseng), it provides research on ginseng genome diversity, genomic origin and genome evolution. data. Through map analysis and functional genomics research, genetic technology is used to screen ginseng functional genes and applied to seed and seedling cultivation research. At present, hundreds of potential genes that may be involved in the modification of saponin skeleton have been discovered, laying a foundation for the development of new ginseng varieties. At the end of February 2011, the ginseng genome map was successfully drawn. In March of the same year, the ginseng genome map of China was officially released. 


As a result, Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., with its strong scientific and technological support, continuously increased investment in scientific and technological innovation, and set up a scientific research and production management center, attracting attention in the leading position of the ginseng industry.


While increasing the investment in science and technology, Jilin Zixin Pharmaceuticals pays more attention to the control of ginseng source. In July 2012, the State launched the fourth national survey of Chinese medicine resources. The company and the Beijing Institute of Genomics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine jointly established the Jilin Province Ginseng Resource Protection and Utilization Special Team to carry out the “Ginseng Germplasm Resources Survey Miles” activity and completed Jilin. The comprehensive collection of basic data of ginseng cultivation products in the province established the “World's first personal biometric information sample bank” and “Changbai Mountain medicinal resources specimen library”. At the same time, Zixin Pharmaceutical cooperated with the Beijing Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Beijing Genomics Institute to develop a second-generation sequencer with independent intellectual property rights, mainly for the prevention, control and diagnosis of infectious diseases, bioterrorism factors, food. The identification of source virulence factors and genetically modified components indicates that the company has entered the gene sequencing industry and formed a diversified development model.


Stick to the future and revitalize the national industry with standards


The development of a standard is crucial to the development of the industry. When South Korea proposed the standard of red ginseng, Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical realized that it could no longer "silence". With the steady growth of pharmaceutical production and sales, the ginseng industry is booming, and the sequencing of genes is in full swing, Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical is actively investing in the standard brake work of ginseng – for China to win a better international discourse and develop for the national industry. Adding boosting power has become the persistence and belief of Zixin Pharmaceutical's standardization work.


In fact, as early as Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical entered the ginseng industry, it actively participated in the formulation of ginseng standardization at different levels, such as international, national, industry and local, and participated in the formulation and formulation of 4 local standards for ginseng food in Jilin Province and 38 enterprise standards. Formulate 4 ginseng health food enterprise standards, 12 national drug standards (enterprise standards), 51 Chinese Pharmacopoeia standards for drug production, 107 standards issued by the Ministry of Health, and 15 national drug standards (bureaus).


In 2012, Zixin Pharmaceutical participated in the third plenary meeting of ISO/TC249 and actively participated in the formulation of the international standard for ISO "Chinese medicine - ginseng seed seedlings - Part 1: Asian ginseng". This standard was in 2014. It was published by ISO in the first half of the year and became one of the first international standards for Chinese medicine published by ISO. In May 2014, Zixin Pharmaceutical participated in the fifth plenary meeting of ISO/TC249 and actively participated in the formulation of the requirements of the production process of red ginseng industry. At this conference, Zixin Pharmaceutical submitted a proposal to the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Chinese delegation of ISO/TC249 to fully support the Sixth Plenary Meeting. The Chinese delegation submitted an application to the General Assembly and was approved by the General Assembly. This meeting is the first time since China hosted the first plenary meeting of ISO/TC249 in 2010, and once again won the right to host the meeting. It is ISO/TC249's affirmation of the work performance of the Chinese side.


In August 2014, the Chinese Medicine Resource Center of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, together with 6 family members and nearly 10 research institutes, established the “Ginseng International Standard Technology Alliance” and actively participated in the research and formulation of ginseng international standards; He served as the first executive director unit and assumed the work of the alliance secretariat. In 2015, Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. undertook the construction of the Secretariat of the International Standards and Technology Alliance of Ginseng. The location is located in Beijing and has been actively carrying out various related work.


"Ginseng is an important part of traditional Chinese medicine, and the formulation of relevant international standards is crucial to the development of ginseng industry. Using ISO/TC249 platform, actively participate in the research and development of international standards for ginseng and its products, so that the world can enjoy China's high The quality of ginseng is the mission of Zixin Pharmaceutical. “Guo Chunlin, Chairman and General Manager of Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., speaks the goal of Zixin Pharmaceutical. Zixin Pharmaceutical will also actively participate in the research and development of ISO/TC249 Chinese medicine international standards, in order to enable China's proprietary Chinese medicines to go abroad, participate in international competition, better serve the health of all human beings, and establish the status of Chinese medicine as a sovereign state. , make due contributions.


In the wave of development, Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical will continue to carry out technological development and innovation to ensure the technical and quality advantages of products, continue to inherit and carry forward the characteristics and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, and strive to tap the treasure house of Chinese medicine to realize technological innovation and industry. upgrade. Taking the development of proprietary Chinese medicines as the foothold of the enterprise, taking the ginseng industry as the leader, expanding the genetic sequencing system, increasing investment in research and development of medicines, ginseng foods, health products and gene sequencing systems, insisting on independent innovation, and constantly improving medicines, The quality standards of ginseng food, health care products and gene sequencer, expand the production capacity reserve, establish the development direction of “brand + culture + innovative products”, base on the domestic market, open up the international market, and move towards science and technology, specialization and intensification. International pharmaceutical companies have moved forward.

(ISO/TC249 sixth plenary meeting was held in Beijing)