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Zixin Chuyuan Pharmaceutical Products Passes Halal Food Certification

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On April 25th, 2015, the Halal Food Certification (Inspection) Center held a certification review meeting at Chuyuan Company. Through the unanimous approval of all experts, the fresh ginseng honey tablets and ginseng enzyme products produced by Zixin Chuyuan Company obtained the HALAL of the center. Certification (Halal Food Certification), which marks the maturity of Chuanyuan's products as a halal product to the international market.


Before the certification review meeting, the Islamic jury experts and inspection experts of the expert review team went deep into the company to inspect the production process of ginseng food, inquire about the source of raw materials, the production process, and whether non-halal additives were added. 


At the subsequent review meeting, the experts listened in detail to the preliminary inspection report of the initial inspection company of the center to apply for HALAL certification, and put forward some clear requirements for the future work of the certification center: Every on-site examiner shoulders the food safety issue of 20 million Muslims in China. He must take up his duties seriously, supervise every procedure of the certification company, the source of raw materials, etc., and raise this work to the height of faith. Come to work."


“Before the company did not obtain any organization's HALAL certification, the product could not expand the sales area. After attending two halal food and ethnic goods trading conferences last year, we felt that the company's products have great potential to enter the foreign market. Now we have obtained halal food certification. After the HALAL certification of the (inspection) center, it has a pass for export. Next, the company will actively expand the market and establish a marketing network, and the company's output value will be greatly improved." Han Xu, deputy general manager of the quality department of Chuyuan Pharmaceutical Holding a certificate, a look of joy.


Halal food, as its name implies, is a food that conforms to the Islamic HALAL food standard and refers to food produced and operated in accordance with the ethnic minority eating habits of Islam. The production, processing and management of halal foods have a high degree of trust among the Muslim people and enjoy a high reputation in the country.


However, many food manufacturers have not obtained the HALAL certification of the authority, and the products they produce can only be sold in the local and domestic markets, and it is difficult to go abroad. To this end, the leadership of Chuanyuan Company attaches great importance to the international certification of halal food. With the arrival of the international leader of halal certification, our halal products have become international and halal certification passes have gradually become a reality. Halal food companies have HALAL halal certification, which has become a symbol of the health and purity of halal food companies.


The products of Chuanyuan Company passed the halal food certification, which opened the door for the company's halal products to go abroad. It started the brand of Zixin Ginseng, improved the reputation of Zixin Ginseng, enhanced the company's competitive advantage, and strived for a higher market share. The halal food industry has a strong boost and will promote the healthy and rapid development of the ginseng food processing industry.