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Zixin Chuyuan products won the "Jewish kosher certification"

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On April 22, 2015, the two products of fresh ginseng honey tablets and ginseng enzymes produced by Zixin Chuyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. successfully passed the Kosher certification.


Kosher certification, also known as Kosher certification, refers to the certification of food ingredients, excipients and additives in accordance with Jewish dietary rules, covering all aspects of food production, including the use of raw materials, production equipment and production methods to ensure that all Jewish The kosher requirements are met. The on-site certification work for compliance with the kosher standard can only be conducted by Rabbi (Rabbi, Jewish expert). KOSHER certification has its comprehensive regulations and theory, practical basis and management. Jewish experts interpret and manage the Jewish food law. The kosher certificate can only be obtained if the raw materials and equipment are certified by a Jewish expert.


In the face of China's increasingly flourishing food industry, the kosher certificate has gradually become a passport to the world food industry. For domestic companies, having a kosher certification has become a passport to the world's Jewish food industry. Whether a manufacturer has a kosher certificate has become one of the strict standards for many domestic and foreign customers. The kosher certificate has become a symbol of high quality and high quality.


The products of Chuanyuan Pharmaceutical's fresh ginseng honey tablets and ginseng enzymes have passed the Kosher certification, which indicates that these products can be sold in all countries of Israel, Russia, the United States, Canada and other Jewish countries. Consumers can rest assured. Eat. This will help to further expand the export of Chuanyuan's products, meet the needs of more international consumers, gain wide recognition from international customers, and further enhance the international competitiveness of the company's products. Zixin Chuyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which is “going out of the country and going to the world”, will continue to pursue the “Revitalization of China's ginseng industry and the creation of Zixin Ginseng brand”.

(The picture above shows the Jewish certificate)