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Enterprise Service Bureau of Xinxing Industrial Concentration Zone, Yanbian Prefecture, Jilin Province, inspected the safety pro

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On April 21, 2015, the inspection team headed by Fang Zhigang, deputy director of the Enterprise Service Bureau of Yanbian Prefecture, Jilin Province, visited Zixin Chuyuan Company to inspect the safety production work. Deputy Director Fang Zhigang stressed that it is necessary to systematically study, publicize and implement the new "Safe Production Law", in accordance with the requirements of "full coverage, zero tolerance, strict law enforcement, and pragmatic effectiveness" and the work requirements of the higher party committee and government, comprehensive, in-depth and continuous development. Safety inspections. Further strengthen the supervision of the main body of the enterprise, the government's territorial supervision and the competent departments of the industry to directly supervise the implementation of the “three major responsibilities”, urge the company to carry out good safety production knowledge training, refine the safety production measures, comprehensively check and rectify the safety hazards, and ensure the safe development and scientific development of the enterprise. Sun Zuoqi, deputy general manager of the production department of Zixin Chuyuan Company, and Cui Junming, the head of the production department, received the reception and accompanied the company's safety inspection.


The inspection team has inspected the control warehouse, extraction workshop, beverage workshop and ginseng workshop of Zixin Chuyuan Company, and put forward several requirements: First, it is necessary to further clarify the responsibility and carry out the safety inspection work of Chuyuan Company. Second, it must Fully recognize the urgency and importance of safe production, "safe production has no small problems", resolutely overcome the feeling of war-weary, as always, do a good job in safety production; third, we must increase safety propaganda, through the issuance of "safe production knowledge manual", on-site Carry out safety knowledge explanations and other methods to do daily publicity work; Fourth, we must strictly implement the rectification system, implement rectification measures in time for safety hazards found during inspections, clarify rectification of responsible persons and deadlines, ensure rectification and timely implementation, and resolutely eliminate potential hazards The accident has not been promptly rectified and caused an accident, creating a good security environment for the sustained and healthy development of the social economy of the emerging industrial concentration zone in Yanbian Prefecture, Jilin Province.