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Zixin Chuyuan National Chinese Medicine Products Fair Fair

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From April 16 to 18, 2015, the first (2015) National Chinese Herbal Medicine Seeds and Seeds Information Exchange and Product Fair was held in Yinfeng International Chinese Medicine Port of Yulin City, Guangxi. The three-day exhibition of this exhibition, Zixin Chuyuan company sent a number of sales department elites to bring many of the company's flagship products to participate.


The fair was hosted by the China Pharmaceutical Association Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources Committee and the National Chinese Medicine Seed Seedling Base Science and Technology Alliance Annual Meeting, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Chinese Medicine Administration, Yulin District Yuzhou District People's Government, Yulin Food and Drug Administration, etc. Undertake, the scale is unprecedented, attracting large and medium-sized medicines and related enterprises from all over the country to display and exchange.


Zixin Chuyuan's products include the main products such as ginseng fruit and vegetable enzyme beverage, jade red and red ginseng gelatin cake, fresh ginseng honey tablets and red ginseng tablets, raw sun ginseng tablets and other ginseng products. In order to open up a broader product market and find new breakthroughs for the company's business development, Chuyuan has appointed special staff to form an exhibition group and actively participate in the preparation of the exhibition. During the three days of the exhibition, the staff enthusiastically introduced the efficacy and production process of the products to the exchange companies and visitors, so that the national medicinal distributors who came to visit were more intuitive to our company's ginseng and ginseng products. Understanding. As a well-known ginseng enterprise in the country, Zixin Chuanyuan's products have attracted the attention of many customers with novel and unique packaging, distinctive taste and unique functions. The samples and product materials brought by the exhibitors were requested. In particular, ginseng fruit and vegetable enzyme drinks, jade red and red ginseng gelatin cakes and fresh ginseng honey tablets have been favored by customers.


The exhibition was highly valued by Zixin Group. The company was clearly instructed before the exhibition. The purpose of participating in the exhibition was to increase the popularity of Zixin Enterprise and promote the brand of Zixin. It is the exchange between the industry and the collection of customer information. Good channel. He Yu, the general manager of Chuanyuan Company, stressed that all relevant departments should attach great importance to unity and cooperation, and strive to exhibit the original color in the trade fair.


The company introduced and recommended our main products and brands to the customers at the same time, and also showed the strength and broad development prospects of Zixin Chuyuan research team to the participants. Many customers from all over the country showed great interest and enthusiasm for our ginseng products and threw an olive branch to us.


The success of this exhibition is a great encouragement to all the colleagues of Zixin Chuyuan. Our products have been widely watched in the national large-scale exhibitions, which is not only a high recognition of the company's product quality, but also a concentrated display of the company's great development potential. It is believed that in the near future, Zixin Ginseng will appear more and more in various large-scale exhibitions nationwide and even internationally, and become a shining pearl in the ginseng industry in China and the world.

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(Ginseng stem and leaf total saponins)


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