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Zixin Ginseng Chengdu Sugar and Wine Festival

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On March 26, 2015, the Spring National Sugar and Liquor Trade Fair opened in Chengdu. Zixin ginseng, as the leading brand of Chinese ginseng industry, brought ginseng products such as ginseng enzymes and respiratory ginseng drinks to the rum meeting, and attracted the investment of ginseng drink and Zixin ginseng store in the whole country, and achieved good results.
Healthy show at the liqueur, ginseng concept grabs the limelight
This liqueur will attract nearly 3,000 food companies to participate. At this liqueur event, many food and beverage companies have focused on health cards and launched innovative products. With green and healthy as their main selling points, they are more diversified product positioning to meet consumers' higher product demands. With the strong support of national policies for the ginseng industry in recent years, the active development of foreign brands (such as South Korea Zhengguanzhuang) in the domestic market, and the higher demand for health, the ginseng industry has been greatly released, within the province and domestic Pharmaceutical giants such as Amendment, Jidong, Kangmei and Jiayi have stepped into the ginseng industry, focusing on the development of ginseng food, making ginseng products more abundant, market-oriented and popular.
The ginseng health food trend is also reflected in this festival. The enrichment of ginseng foods, especially ginseng drinks, is vividly displayed in the liqueurs. There are dozens of ginseng drinks including ginseng plant drinks, ginseng soda, ginseng and cordyceps beverages, and ginseng liquids. Ginseng products have been favored by many customers at the exhibition, and drinking natural ginseng drinks has become a good start for people to pursue a healthy lifestyle.
The rum is known as the “barometer” of the Chinese food industry. Therefore, the audience situation on the spot of the liqueur will, to a certain extent, indicate the market trend of the food industry in the coming year. According to industry insiders, healthy foods will surely become the main trend in the food industry. In particular, the ginseng industry based on the Chinese health culture with the same medicine and food will have a bright future. The ginseng industry is bound to become the next gold health industry.
At this exhibition, Zixin Ginseng brought together the main products of ginseng enzymes, ginseng honey tablets, red ginseng gelatin cakes, and breathing, as well as molded ginseng and fine red ginseng and other ginseng rough processing products, demonstrating the momentum of the leading enterprises of ginseng origin. It stands out among many ginseng products companies.
The concept of the liqueur drink is new, and the breathing is steadily out of the "small Yang line"
With the increase of environmental pollution, many companies have not targeted this blank market, and launched innovative products for the smog weather. At the liqueur meeting, you can see the new beverages with the theme of “unconventional”, such as the Asia-Pacific bio-response “breathing treasure”, the smog of Shandong Yipintang, the “one pen” and other products. While bringing market opportunities, it also increased the difficulty of attracting investment in this breath.
    Zixin Ginseng Sales Company has realized the establishment of the local model market and the layout of key markets by virtue of the deployment of the respiratory marketing strategy in 2014, with a point-to-point and line-to-face strategy. It has accumulated many intentional customers. . In this exhibition, Zixin Ginseng Sales Company actively carried out the work of breathing and attracting investment through hotel visits and distribution of materials, which once again reflected the super team spirit. Propaganda, research, negotiation and division of labor, the sales team's "warriors" are all in the ten, under the leadership of the foreign market director Ma Qiang, the three regional managers received more than 200 customers in three days, collecting thousands of customers. Information, on-site intentions to reach more than 100 customers, mainly concentrated in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong and other regions, conservatively expected to achieve sales of about 3 million yuan through this exhibition. The breathing was steady and steady, and the drum of the first stop of Zixin Ginseng in the Spring Festival was ringing!
Zixin Ginseng has a high-profile and popular popularity at the Spring Sugar and Wine Fair, which has not only enhanced brand recognition and popularity, but also took a crucial step in launching the investment in 2015. The strategic planning of the national market has become more and more visible. 2015, participate in breathing! Zixin people participate in the oil!

The scene of the breathing sugar cocktail party is hot


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