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Jilin Provincial Bureau of Industry and Information Technology

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On March 24th, 2015, the leaders of the Jilin Provincial Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the Yanji City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology visited the company, and conducted research on the new workshop technical reform project currently underway. Han Xu, deputy general manager of the quality department of Chuyuan Company, and the finance department Deputy General Manager Liang Shichang and Minister of Production Cui Junming expressed warm welcome to the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and accompanied the investigation.


After inspecting the construction of the new workshop on the spot, the research team affirmed the work of accelerating equipment, installation and commissioning, and the new version of GMP certification, praising the development speed of Chuanyuan Company, and establishing the image of the whole industry and revitalizing the company. The positive role played by Yanbian Prefecture in economic construction has been affirmed. Encourage the company to continue to maintain its dominant position in the industry, to serve consumers as its own responsibility, to focus on deep processing of ginseng, to strengthen internal management, improve the quality of employees, and further enhance and enhance the company's development capabilities. Only when the company develops healthily can we better carry out the work of ginseng deep processing industry. The research team also stated that it will give strong support to the new workshop technical transformation project to ensure the smooth progress of the project.


Some time ago, the Jilin Provincial Government convened the city's industrial enterprise centralized service month mobilization meeting. All government departments are required to act quickly, conduct in-depth research on key enterprises, understand the problems existing in the development process of enterprises, listen to opinions and suggestions for accelerating development, focus on solving problems in enterprise development, strengthen enterprise services, optimize development environment, and promote enterprises. Smooth and rapid development. The Bureau of Industry and Information Technology has opened up a project of “Serving Enterprises and Accelerating Economic Development”. In the past few days, the members of the leadership team of the Yanji City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology have led relevant personnel to go deep into key enterprises to investigate and understand the problems and difficulties that enterprises need to solve urgently. In the survey, the company reflected several problems that need to be solved urgently, including the construction noise of surrounding enterprises at noon, affecting employees' rest; the sewage treatment fee is unreasonable. The research team immediately communicated with the municipal government. The municipal government actively cooperated and instructed the relevant functional departments to respond quickly to the problems raised by the company and proposed solutions.


In the investigation, Han Xu suggested that it is difficult to recruit employees at the current stage and the training of technical personnel of the company is a big problem that hinders the development of the company. The research team immediately suggested to the company to contact the city technical school and the municipal vocational school to obtain the internship points for the two schools in the enterprise. At present, the two schools have been coordinated, and the school has expressed full support for the company.


Later, Han Xu made a speech on the company's own development and the actual situation of Yanbian's new industrial concentration zone construction, investment environment, land, taxation and preferential policies. The research team said that the Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the government will continue to support the development of grassroots enterprises, create an excellent development environment, provide policy inclination and quality services, and actively solve various problems encountered in the development of enterprises. The leaders of the Provincial Bureau of Industry and Information Technology hope that Chuanyuan Company should overcome various problems in development, actively explore new ways of development, innovate technology and innovative ideas, actively introduce technology, introduce talents, strengthen communication and contact between enterprises, and strengthen resources and information. Sharing, constantly making the company bigger and stronger, and making due contributions to the economic development of Jilin Province.