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Refuse to dust mites, protect the environment, public welfare flash activities

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On the last day of the end of 2014, a group of energetic environmental volunteers launched a special environmental flashing event at Changchun Chongqing Road and Hongqi Street Wanda Plaza. The theme was “Rejecting Dust and Protecting the Environment”. Flash activity gives new meaning to environmental protection. The event was sponsored by Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., and a group of environmental enthusiasts, with the theme of fighting dust mites, attracted pedestrians to stop and watch.
In this flash event, the environmental protection volunteers used the battle between the dust mites as the main clue to visually display the hazards of dust mites and the joyful scenes of everyone dancing after the dust mites. With the slogan "Rejecting Dust, I want to take a deep breath" as a concluding remark, it caused a warm cheer from the audience.
The word “dust mites” has become a hot word for this year. Due to limited air flow in the city, wastes such as smoke have been stagnant in the surface air of the earth for a long time, forming a bad haze and causing great harm to the health of the general public. . The event promotes a green lifestyle through the popular performance art of “Flash”, and calls on the whole society to jointly create a good environment, improve our air quality, and provide a healthy living environment for ourselves and future generations.