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Participate in the 91st Chongqing Sugar and Wine Association, which will lead the new era of ginseng drinks!

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    From October 12th to October 15th, the 91st National Sugar and Liquor Commodities Fair was held in Chongqing. Zixin Ginseng Sales Company took the “Ginseng Breeding Binaural Drink” to the sugar rum meeting, attracting investment from all over the country. The traits and unique concepts of ginseng new resource foods attracted a lot of attention. Participating in the "Bright Sword" national beverage market, the strategic blueprint for Zixin Ginseng to lead the ginseng beverage era!


With the constant changes in the living environment, problems such as smog, air pollution, and food safety have become hot spots of the society. "Natural" and "health" have become people's needs for life. In fact, most of the drinks on the market are just a combination of water, sugar and additives, which simply cannot satisfy people's pursuit of health and nature. Since the development of the food industry, how to adapt to the different needs of the modern population has become the most important issue. Zixin ginseng saw this point and did not hesitate to spend a lot of money and energy to combine traditional Chinese medicine health culture with modern technology to develop a ginseng-type beverage suitable for contemporary people.


At present, the breathing has been fully put on the market, and a storm of “not afraid of dust and dust” and “clear, moist, and raising” is about to sweep across the country. Breathing ginseng binaural drink is bound to become the leader of contemporary ginseng drinks!