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“Zixin Ginseng” landed on the Internet

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——Taobao features China·Jilin Pavilion officially opened on the line

On September 22nd, the “Taobao Special China•Jilin Pavilion” jointly sponsored by the Jilin Provincial Government and Alibaba Group was officially opened. Along with the grand launch of the Jilin Pavilion, Taobao’s first “Internet 10,000 people to grab the participation” curtain opened slowly.


It is understood that during the event, the “Internet 10,000 people to participate in the event” jointly created by “Taobao Hui” and Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the first time that ginseng has become a new consumer of food consumption after being included in the new resource food. It is also a strategic attempt between the fresh e-commerce “Nongxianda” and the Taobao platform and enterprises.


Mouse tapping "fresh" to drive

With a click of the mouse, the fresh king can reach the user within 48 hours. In the "Internet people rushing to participate" activities, "Taobao Hui eat" and Zixin Pharmaceutical, "Nong Xianda" three parties launched a six-year mountain ginseng king, with an original price of 499, the current price of 49.9 yuan ultra-low price , limited time 2 days to carry out nationwide, network-wide spikes.


In addition, from September 24th to 25th, there will be a 5-year period of pick-up and a 10-20 year old wild ginseng auction, and different categories of ginseng upgrade products will also be added to the event. , to meet the strong needs of network users with different needs.


According to the person in charge of the Zixin Pharmaceutical Industry, in order to ensure the freshness and high quality of all ginseng, fresh ginseng mining must be selected in August and September, when the seeds are mature, bright red and clean, and the shape of the chicken is golden. season. After the excavation, the selection method of 20 choices is adopted. After manual cleaning, only a thin layer of soil is left to keep fresh. The whole process does not touch a drop of water, and the ice bag is kept fresh for 48 hours to maintain the pure original flavor of ginseng.


Eat ginseng, improve the new habits of Chinese people

In 2012, the Ministry of Health released the ginseng as a new resource food announcement, and ginseng was officially included in the ranks of new resource foods. The so-called new resource food refers to food that is newly developed, newly discovered, newly introduced in China, has no use habits, meets the basic requirements of food, and is non-toxic and harmless to the human body. In the past, people's cognition of ginseng only stayed at the level of traditional Chinese medicine supplements. Nowadays, with the introduction of the new resource food concept, ginseng, a valuable nourishing and healthy food, is entering the ordinary people with a new attitude of health care, beauty and people-friendly. Home, becoming a food that the common people can afford, eat with confidence, and enjoy, the eating habits of the Chinese people are being changed and improved.


As a leading enterprise in the development of new resource products, Zixin Pharmaceutical has dedicated high quality ginseng to the public at an ultra-low price through the Internet. It is also popularizing the new concept of new resource food to the public.


Leading technology to create high quality assured ginseng

As a leader of Jilin ginseng industry, Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech joint-stock enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales, decoction processing, and medicinal plant and animal breeding. In 2011, Zixin Pharmaceutical cooperated with the Changchun Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Beijing Genomics Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to complete the production of the ginseng genome map. This achievement not only unveiled the mystery of ginseng, but also provided scientific support for the cultivation of ginseng, the prevention of disease and the cultivation of high-quality ginseng resources, and the development of high-end products in the future.


In recent years, the company has also joined hands with the world's leading R&D institutions and academies of science and technology, and has achieved significant results in the technical fields of “ginseng bio-fermentation”, “ginseng eating does not get angry”, “ginseng cultivation”, and “ginseng disability”. And is in the world's leading position. In the face of the new situation of the Ministry of Health officially approving the pilot project of ginseng medicine and food homology in Jilin Province, Zixin Pharmaceutical took the lead in introducing ginseng into the functional food and health care products industry, and has successfully developed nearly 500 individual ginseng products. .


On this open Internet platform, consumers can also order a variety of high-quality ginseng products such as dry ginseng, red ginseng, ginseng, ginseng, ginseng honey, and red ginseng.

Zhao Hui, Director of “Taobao Special China·Jilin Pavilion”


Chairman of Zixin Pharmaceutical (Zuo Yi), Taobao Hui Food Representative (second from left), Deputy Director of the Department of Commerce (third from left), and Jilin Museum Director (first from right) jointly held the Zixin Pharmaceutical Product Launch Ceremony