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Full of love, Zixin, loveless, drinking water, thinking of returning to the society - "Zi Xin Pharmaceutical's 20th Anniversary

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May 25, 2018, is a special day for Zixin Pharmaceutical. On the day 20 years ago, Zixin Pharmaceutical was formally established. Looking back on the development process of Zixin Pharmaceutical from small to large and from weak to strong in the past 20 years, we deeply understand that the development of enterprises is inseparable from the care and support of the party and the government as well as the society. Over the years, Zixin Pharmaceutical has “not forgetting the initial heart, grateful to the society” and actively participates in social welfare undertakings. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the company's establishment, the company's subordinate units held a series of “Zixin Pharmaceutical's 20th Anniversary Series Public Welfare Activities”, which was launched on May 25th (Zixin Establishment Day).


Redstone Company, Liuhe Company, Yan Company, Jingui Company, Prajna Company, Chuanyuan Company, Wangqing Pharmaceutical, Guigongtang, Marketing Center, and Dunhua District (subsidiary) employees came to orphan schools and welfare homes respectively. The nursing home, the sanitation department, the deaf-mute school, the rural poor families and other places visited the condolences, and sent the company's medicines, ginseng products, mineral water and books, school supplies, summer heat and other condolences.


As Xu Daqing, the general manager of the company, said that in the past 20 years, the company's development has received concern and support from all walks of life. We hope to give more to society. Therefore, on this special day, Zixin people actively carried out various social welfare activities to celebrate the fruitful achievements of Zixin in the past 20 years, express the gratitude and responsibility of the company, and convey love and positive energy.


Zixin Pharmaceutical

Enter the orphan school in Jilin Province and let the children spend the children's day together with the children.


On May 25, the company's relevant personnel, led by General Manager Xu Daqing, came to the Orphan School of Jilin Province to donate 200 T-shirts and 100 boxes of mineral water to the students. On the eve of the Children's Day on June 1st, give the children They sent love and care and expressed their blessings and encouragement to the students.


Marketing Center

Entered the Changchun Social Welfare Institute and passed on love to the elderly

On May 25th, the company's marketing center went to the Changchun Social Welfare Institute to visit the elderly.


The marketing center donated the company's commonly used drugs, ginseng products and drinks to the welfare home. The staff popularized health knowledge for the elderly and talked with the old people to make them feel the warmth and thoughtfulness of the family. The 104-year-old Jiang Chunli said with emotion: "Someone gave us medicines and food, which made me feel very warm. I am very grateful to Zixin Pharmaceutical."