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"Seeing breathing" is coming!

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"Seeing breathing" is coming!


After nearly a year of savvy horses, in July 2014, Zixin Pharmaceutical's flagship product, Ginseng Binaural Drink, “Respiratory” finally shines! The "sports breathing" market battle has officially kicked off!

Faced with the high speed of China's beverage market and the fierce market competition, the “sports breathing” listing work will be a challenging battle!
Zixin Ginseng Sales Co., Ltd. will adopt the basic ideas of “focusing on Changchun market and focusing on the external market”, integrate market resources, vigorously expand channels, increase market share, consolidate the market base based on the market, and guide the use of combined media strategies to strengthen ground promotion. . Entering into the beverage market in an all-round way, we will strive to set off a “breathing” trend in Jilin Province
Welcome to the respiratory market, launch the official letter of Zixin Ginseng

     Conduct online brand promotion activities with the opportunity to participate in the respiratory market. The micro-signal officially launched the official WeChat platform for 'Zixin Ginseng'! 


Scan code attention, forwarded polite!

Pay attention to the official WeChat platform of 'Zixin Ginseng' and participate in the ‘Forward and Gifts’ event, which will give you a chance to get a beautiful gift.

Event Details:

1. Event time: August 1st - August 10th


2, the activity content: scan code attention to 'Zixin ginseng' subscription number official WeChat, reply to the number 5, participate in the [share ~ breathing] activity, forward the WeChat to the circle of friends, send screenshots to the WeChat platform to participate in the sweepstakes, awards Those will get a solar charging treasure. The list of winners will be announced on the WeChat platform on August 11.