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Intensively, non-stop - Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is still fighting during the "two festivals" period

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At the moment when the ginseng harvesting season is in progress, Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and its employees, including Shijiao Prajna, Yanji Chuyuan, and Dunhua Caodandan, who are responsible for the ginseng harvesting and processing work, did not stop working due to the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. During the period, he still struggled to participate in the front line.


Due to the concentrated time of ginseng downhill, the storage conditions of ginseng are strict. In order to ensure the quality and safety of ginseng and to successfully complete the tasks of people participating in the work, the leaders of various enterprises have paid close attention to the recruitment of temporary workers. On the one hand, they gave up the “Mid-Autumn Festival” holiday and prepared the ginseng mining and processing in a tight manner until 10 In the second half of the month, they will work overtime to start production, fully guaranteeing the normal and orderly work of people participating in this year's work.


The high enthusiasm for work attracted the local peasants' sighs and said that "such a company, such work is really rare."