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National and provincial leaders visited the 7th China Jilin•Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical

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From the "Jilin Daily" "Tonghua ginseng food into the highlights of the exhibition" news:


Guo Chunsheng, chairman of Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., introduced the ginseng related situation to the leaders of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Bai Lijun, He Houzhen, and the provincial party secretary Sun Zhengcai and the governor Wang Rulin.




At about 10:00 am on September 6, the Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Bai Lizhen and He Houzhen, attended the opening ceremony of the 7th China Jilin-Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo, accompanied by Sun Zhengcai, the provincial party secretary, and Wang Rulin, the governor of the province, to the Jilin Provincial Medicine and Food Exhibition Hall. Inside. Beside the Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Exhibition Hall, the leaders were attracted by dozens of Changbai Mountain ginseng and their ginseng foods displayed in the exhibition hall, stopped to watch the exhibits, and asked about the development of the ginseng industry. After listening to the introduction, Bai Lizhen and He Houqi nodded again and again.


In this exhibition, Tonghua City promoted the theme of “medical famous city” and “technical ginseng”, and organized 6 key ginseng deep processing enterprises including Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical, Tonghua Yiyang, Modified Ginseng and Ganzhi Ginseng. After the demonstration of ginseng "medicine and food homology" pilot, the research and development and production results of ginseng food.


Still in the Zixin Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition Hall, the crowds visiting and visiting are endless. People who ate various flavors of ginseng sugar could not help but say: "It is delicious and delicious." According to Guo Chunsheng, chairman of Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., last year, the company focused on establishing four people in the main ginseng producing areas in the province. Participated in the production and processing base, and set up two research and development companies, and began research and development of food, cosmetics, health care products and other categories of 500 individual ginseng products. At present, more than 100 varieties have been successfully developed. At the beginning of this year, after the country approved Jilin artificial ginseng to enter the food pilot enterprise, there have been ginseng fruit and vegetable enzyme oral liquid, ginseng soft candy, ginseng fiber cookie, ginseng 枸杞 apple drink, ginseng tea, ginseng coffee, ginseng honey piece, ginseng 41 varieties of wine, ginseng noodles and ginseng drinks were approved for production of “medicine and food homologous”.