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Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical ginseng breeding cooperation announcement

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 In order to respond to the call for the development of ginseng industry in Jilin Province, standardize the cultivation of high quality ginseng of GAP standard and guarantee the high quality raw materials required by the enterprise. Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zixin Pharmaceutical”) is specially planted for ginseng. Businesses seek cooperation.


Cooperation method:


1. High-quality ginseng seeds and soil testing are provided free of charge by Zixin Pharmaceutical.


2. Provide technical guidance and training free of charge, plant high quality ginseng according to GAP standards and conduct GAP certification.


3. Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is responsible for coordinating the financial loans of the insurance and financial departments for cooperative farming.


4. Zixin Pharmaceutical cooperates with planting households to establish a ginseng breeding cooperative, and jointly guarantees loans. Zixin Pharmaceuticals accounts for 25% of the share capital.


5. After 5 years of output, ginseng will be purchased at market prices and dividends will be paid according to the stock.


6. The final interpretation right of this announcement belongs to Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


7. For details and cooperation contracts, please refer to Jilin Daily and City Evening News on April 11, 13 and 15 or visit


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