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Highlights of the work of traditional Chinese medicine in Jilin Province in 2018

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A few days ago, the Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued the "Key Points for the Work of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Province in 2018".


The main point is that in order to promote medical reform and establish a graded diagnosis and treatment system, all public hospitals in Jilin Province should participate in the construction of medical associations in 2018, carry out urban and rural counterpart support, and promote the participation of Chinese medicine practitioners in signing services for family doctors. The Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine will promote the planning and use of the TCM basic medical service package and the personalized TCM treatment package for family doctors, and require Chinese medicine practitioners of the secondary Chinese medicine hospitals to sink to the grassroots level or participate in the contracting team.


Jilin Province will also plan to promote the adjustment of TCM medical service projects and prices, fully reflecting the value of TCM technical services. Establish a quality-oriented, public welfare-oriented Chinese hospital evaluation mechanism, and simultaneously carry out pilot reforms of the personnel compensation system.


In line with the medical reform, Jilin Province is implementing the "Guiding Opinions on Further Deepening the Reform of Payment Methods for the Basic Medical Insurance System", improving the mechanism for the participation of Chinese medicine in the reform of medical insurance payment methods, and exploring payment methods that are consistent with the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine. Exploring the payment methods of Chinese medicines and promoting the reform of the payment methods for the dominant diseases of Chinese medicine. Promote the extensive application of TCM clinical pathways in Chinese medicine hospitals