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Cracking the "Da Vinci Code" of Ginseng Technology - Report of the eighth plenary meeting of ISO/TC249 (middle)

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Hong Kong in June is full of sight.

On June 5-8, 2017, the eighth plenary meeting of the International Organization for Standardization of Traditional Chinese Medicine Technical Committee (ISO/TC249) was held in Hong Kong with nearly 300 participants.


In view of the outstanding contribution of Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zixin Pharmaceutical”) in the international standard of ginseng and the development of international standards for Chinese medicine, in 2107, Zixin Pharmaceutical became the eighth time of ISO/TC249. The only authorized support unit in the meeting.


"How to establish a quality standard system for Chinese medicine that meets the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine and can be recognized by the international community is the key to realizing the modernization of Chinese medicine and entering the international market." Professor Qian Zhongzhi, chief scientist of the National Pharmacopoeia Commission, believes that the modernization of Chinese medicine will inevitably Connected with technology.


“After the scientific investigation on the source of ginseng germplasm, Zixin Pharmaceutical has made great achievements in the genetic testing, variety classification and seed screening of ginseng.” Guo Chunsheng, the chief consultant of Zixin Pharmaceutical, said that through various efforts Zixin Pharmaceutical has seized the commanding heights of scientific ginseng and provided strong technical support for the development of ISO/TC249 ginseng international standards.


Technology banner

"Now many countries in the world are developing ginseng industry, which requires the development of international standards." As an expert at the meeting, Professor Qian Zhongzhi, the chief scientist of the National Pharmacopoeia Commission, believes that the current issue of ginseng international standards, the issue of pesticide residues is worthy of attention, and needs to use technology. Power to complete industrial upgrading.


It is understood that Professor Qian Zhongzhi has been engaged in the research and management of quality control and quality standards of traditional Chinese medicine for a long time. He has led the establishment of a quality standard system that conforms to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, and establishes a comprehensive reflection of the safety, effectiveness and uniformity of quality of traditional Chinese medicine. The concept of characteristic Chinese medicine quality control mode.


Professor Qian Zhongzhi believes that in terms of scientific and technological ginseng, Jilin Province enterprises represented by Zixin Pharmaceutical have taken outstanding achievements and brought more confidence to the formulation of Chinese ginseng internationalization standards.


“Zixin Pharmaceutical has carried out systematic scientific research on ginseng from resources to genes, and has in-depth exploration at the genome level to carry out the breeding and planting of excellent ginseng varieties.” Guo Chunsheng told reporters that this research aims to solve the ginseng focus through scientific and technological means. Planting, disease prevention and other issues will make ginseng a high-quality, stress-resistant and environmentally friendly green Chinese medicine, providing strong scientific and technological support for the development of China's ginseng industry.


In fact, Zixin Pharmaceutical has been pursuing the pursuit of quality ginseng and scientific ginseng, and it has become the most shining “tech star” in the eighth plenary session of ISO/TC249.


Let us turn the time indicator back to 2010, Zixin Pharmaceutical adjusts the industrial structure, enters the ginseng industry, and takes the ginseng industry as the vanguard of the company's future development. In 2010, Zixin Pharmaceutical timely raised funds of about 1 billion yuan through non-public issuance, investing in ginseng product serialization projects, and established four ginseng production and processing bases in Tonghua, Yanji, Dunhua and Lanshi, and held high the “Technology Ginseng” Flag has become a promoter of the development of China's ginseng industry.


In August 2014, the Chinese Medicine Resource Center of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, together with 6 family members and nearly 10 research institutes, established the “Ginseng International Standard Technology Alliance” and actively participated in the research and formulation of ginseng international standards. He served as the first executive director unit and assumed the work of the alliance secretariat. In 2015, Zixin Pharmaceuticals established the secretariat of the International Standards and Technology Alliance of Ginseng, located in Beijing, and actively carried out various related work.


Li Daning, honorary director of the Chinese Medicine Association for the Testing and Certification of Chinese Herbal Medicine, believes that the establishment of the ginseng international standards alliance guided by the government, enterprise participation and science and technology is to improve the ability of China to develop ginseng international standards under the ISO/TC249 framework. Organize and promote related proposals to promote the development of international standards. Through the development of related work in the alliance, it will also regulate the research and production of ginseng in China and improve the development level of China's ginseng industry.



Frequently like

The development of ginseng industry depends to a large extent on the innovation and advancement of ginseng basic research and applied research.


Germany PHYTOCHEM company is committed to biomedical research, the company's general manager Hans Rausch told reporters that Zixin Pharmaceutical is beyond the imagination in the depth of ginseng basic research, and the results achieved are also very dazzling.


Over the years, Zixin Pharmaceutical has achieved breakthrough results in the fields of ginseng basic research, ginseng health food research, ginseng new resource food development and ginseng planting related technology research.


At the 8th plenary meeting of ISO/TC249, the participants or the handbook of Zixin Pharmaceutical's “Tao Shuren Dezhi Brewing” business manual, to understand the industrial road of Zixin Pharmaceutical, or stand in Zixin Pharmaceutical Before the booth, directly experience the ginseng products of Zixin Pharmaceutical. Zixinhong • Fresh ginseng honey tablets, jade red pigments • red ginseng gelatin cakes, ginseng and ginseng binaural beverages, ginseng enzymes, fruit and vegetable fermented beverages, etc., frequently received recognition and praise from the participants.


Zixin Pharmaceuticals won more than just “likes” at this meeting. During the meeting, a foreign expert clearly expressed the demand for ginseng products, hoping to develop deeper cooperation with Zixin Pharmaceutical.


So, why is the ginseng product of Zixin Pharmaceutical so sought after?


On June 5, Guo Chunsheng, the chief consultant of Zixin Pharmaceutical, explained to the reporter why the quality of Zixin ginseng products is so good: firstly, the selection of excellent, planting science, cultivation excellence, harvesting and processing time are scientific and effective; secondly, in custody In the process of operation, modern logistics and warehousing facilities are used to ensure that the quality of ginseng is not affected during the transaction. Finally, in the future, the ginseng industry will develop towards diversification. Whether it is production or research and development, Zixin Pharmaceutical's products are full of technological elements.

"Industry, Research and Research" innovation development


The lens was replayed from 2009, and Zixin Pharmaceutical was on the road of “Technology Ginseng”.


In 2010, Zixin Pharmaceutical entered the ginseng industry. In April 2010, the Chinese ginseng genome project was officially launched, marking the official launch and full implementation of ginseng genome research and development.


In November of the same year, Zixin Pharmaceutical and the Tonghua Municipal Government, the Changchun Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Beijing Genomics Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement for ginseng industry to officially launch the ginseng genome project. At the end of February 2011, the ginseng genome map was successfully drawn. In March of the same year, the ginseng genome map of China was officially released.


Li Daning, honorary director of the Chinese Medicine Association for the Testing and Certification of Chinese Herbal Medicine, believes that the successful mapping of the ginseng genome map is an important achievement of Zixin Pharmaceutical's commitment to pragmatic cooperation with scientific research units and the development of “production, study and research”. . Through the sequencing of ginseng genome, the cultivation, cultivation and processing of ginseng are guided, and Zixin ginseng is made into quality ginseng and scientific ginseng.


“Zixin Pharmaceutical has paid more attention to the control of ginseng source while increasing investment in science and technology.” Guo Chunsheng, the chief consultant of Zixin Pharmaceutical, told reporters that since 2012, Zixin Pharmaceutical has invested nearly 100 million yuan and has launched the country many times. The census germplasm resources census work, collected a large number of ginseng planting and cultivation information, further improved the ginseng genome map database, and established the world's first personal ginseng resource biological information database.


On the road of "industry, research and research" innovation and development, almost all the universities in China have the "shadow" of Zixin Pharmaceutical.


It is understood that Zixin Pharmaceutical cooperates with Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is committed to the construction of a seed breeding base for medicinal species in northern China. It has invested 200 million yuan to build a breeding base for medicinal plant seeds in Jilin Province. Zixin Pharmaceutical cooperated with algae research centers at home and abroad to complete the screening of high-efficiency, low-toxicity, low-residue pesticides and research on ginseng composite soil. Using the preferred composite soil, seed sea cucumber seeds, Zixin Pharmaceuticals independently innovated the new planting method of ginseng - cylinder ginseng planting.


Zixin Pharmaceutical cooperates with Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences to study the histochemical composition and application of ginseng; cooperates with the School of Chinese Medicine of Hong Kong Baptist University to study the characteristics of ginseng traits, fiber characteristics and quality grading standards; cooperate with Leiden University in the Netherlands Using system biology to study the role of ginseng in anti-cancer, hypoglycemic and cosmetic aspects; cooperate with the Shanghai Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, to study the monomer components of ginseng, and to industrialize the production of ginseng monomers. Exported to the United States, Europe; in cooperation with Jilin University, the development of ginseng, vegetables, fruits as raw materials, the use of engineering strains, using advanced fermentation technology produced by ginseng enzymes. The technology has been declared four international patents, and one has been authorized by the United States. At present, Zixin Pharmaceutical Ginseng Fruit and Vegetable Enzyme has been put into large-scale production.


In addition, Zixin Pharmaceutical has cooperated with Peking University, Jilin University, Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, China Ocean University and other universities to take the lead in the transformation and research of ginsenosides using the fourth generation of transformation technology (a combination of microbial and chemical separation technologies). A new drug with remarkable curative effect in anti-cancer and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.


In 2016, Zixin Pharmaceutical successfully acquired FG, a research institute of the Royal Netherlands Applied Research Institute, Leiden University, which is one of the world's best agricultural research companies. It has soil cultivation, seed cultivation and planting in ginseng. International leading technology. Through the acquisition of FG, Zixin Pharmaceutical will be a global leader in seed cultivation, soil preparation and technology planting ginseng.


Next, Zixin Pharmaceutical plans to acquire SU Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a well-known Dutch Royal Applied Research Institute in Europe. At present, Zixin Pharmaceutical is co-sponsoring with Leiden University. It has established European research centers for traditional Chinese medicine and natural products with world-renowned universities such as Oxford University, Cambridge University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Yale University and Heidelberg University.


For the future industrial layout, Guo Chunsheng, the chief consultant of Zixin Pharmaceutical, described: Zixin Pharmaceutical will develop the whole industry chain of high-tech ginseng, including new drugs for pharmaceuticals, additives for cosmetics, ginseng foods and Health food, etc.