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Zixin Ginseng stunning appearance at the 16th China Changchun International Agricultural Fair

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On August 11, 2017, the 16th China Changchun International Agriculture and Food Expo (Transaction) Conference (hereinafter referred to as “Agricultural Expo”) was grandly opened. As the group army, my governor Baishan Ginseng brand appeared in the exhibition area of ​​Changbai Mountain Ginseng in Hall 1 of Agricultural Expo. The “Changbai Mountain Ginseng” pavilion has assembled famous ginseng enterprises in the province. The products are full of products, including ginseng food, medicine, skin care products and health care products. It has attracted many consumers to stop and visit and become a showcase for the development of ginseng industry in Jilin Province. Important window.


Zixin Pharmaceutical was invited as a leading enterprise in the ginseng industry in Jilin Province. Zixin Ginseng has established a flagship product including ginseng fruit and vegetable enzymes, jade red and red ginseng gelatin cake, ginseng honey tablets, red ginseng tea, fresh ginseng and ginseng wine. Ginseng food booth and ginseng rough processing product booth, wine booth. Zixin Ginseng also carried out activities such as ginseng food experience and tasting, and advocated the brand concept of “Science and Technology Ginseng·Healthy Life” to guide consumers in scientific selection and scientific food. Zixin Ginseng is unique among many brands, and its concept of scientific and ginseng has demonstrated its demeanor and has become one of the most popular ginseng brands in the exhibition area.


Since the implementation of the revitalization of ginseng industrial project in Jilin Province in 2010, a number of policy measures have been introduced, and the revitalization of ginseng industry has been accelerated from various aspects such as system management, financial support, and product research and development. In particular, the implementation of the brand exclusive operation strategy for Changbai Mountain Ginseng, the new logo design, packaging design, unified store image design, embarked on the road of modern brand operation, opened up a new situation of Jilin Province ginseng industry development.


At present, the ginseng industry in Jilin Province is showing a good situation in the scientific regulation of production scale, the comprehensive improvement of standardized planting level, the orderly integration of brands, and the breakthrough of “medicine and food homology”. Zixin Ginseng will take advantage of the development of the ginseng industry in Jilin Province to achieve a new round of soaring!