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Zixin series products Northeast Asia Expo shines

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The 11th China Jilin·Northeast Asia Investment and Trade Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Northeast Asia Expo”) was grandly opened on September 1, 2017 at Changchun International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than a thousand well-known enterprises at home and abroad have brought hundreds of thousands of selected products to the Northeast Asia Expo.


As a leading enterprise in the pharmaceutical and ginseng industry in Jilin Province, the company's OTC business unit and ginseng sales business unit jointly launched this Northeast Asia Expo, and displayed OTC series medicines and Zixin ginseng series products in the Northeast Asian Chinese Medicine Exhibition Area to add to the Northeast Asia Expo. A strong and colorful stroke.


The company adheres to the core values ​​of “Tao Shuren, Dezhi Brewing” and takes the development of proprietary Chinese medicines as the foundation of the company. At present, it has obtained 205 drug approval numbers, involving 172 kinds of medicines (67 kinds of medicines produced). Among them, 92 drug approval documents for OTC drugs and 113 drug approval documents for prescription drugs. At present, the company has 5 kinds of exclusive varieties, 8 kinds of high-quality and high-quality medicines, 3 kinds of national traditional medicine secondary protection medicines, 48 ​​medicines with approval number of medicines entering the national essential medicines list, and 128 medicines with approval number of medicines are included. National Health Insurance Directory (2017 edition). At this exhibition, the company's flagship products such as Si Miao Wan, Er Ding Granules and Pediatric Baibei won a lot of attention.


The company relies on high-end technology support to establish the status of “Zixin Ginseng” Chinese ginseng leading brand. During the Northeast Asia Expo, every day, duty colleagues from various departments introduced the company's products to the visitors in the company exhibition area. In order to allow visitors to experience Zixin ginseng products for themselves, the company prepared fresh ginseng honey tablets, ginseng soft candy, red ginseng gelatin cake and other test foods, so that tourists can taste delicious, ginseng's edible methods, effects and effects. Have a clearer understanding. Merchants from all over the country showed strong interest and cooperation intentions for Zixin ginseng products, which helped to establish a new pattern of Zixin ginseng sales investment channels.


At present, the company's pharmaceutical and ginseng industry is in full swing and is in the ascendant. I believe that in the near future, the "Zixin" brand will bloom in the land of China and compete for bloom!