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Beijing Zhongke Zixin obtained a number of invention patent certificates from the State Intellectual Property Office

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Recently, Beijing Zhongke Zixin, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, has obtained eight invention patent certificates issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. The certificates are valid for 20 years.


The above patents are expected to be used in the company's genetic sequencers and related reagents. The above patents relate to the further improvement of key technologies and instrument structures such as library construction and data analysis of existing genetic sequencer with production conditions, improve the yield and quality of microsphere particles for database construction, and further improve the quality of sequencing libraries. It has a decisive effect on the quality of the sequencing results; the improvement of the frame structure of the sequencer ensures that the space of the reaction chamber is reasonable, easy to handle and adjust, and improves the stability of the instrument during transportation and installation; The improvement further improves the accuracy of sequencing image information processing, thereby ensuring the correct rate of sequencing results.


Since entering the gene sequencing industry, the company has adhered to independent research and development and cooperation with top domestic and foreign companies and scientific research institutions. The company's independent gene sequencing technology team has been engaged in basic research and application development of genomics and bioinformatics for many years. The senior staff of the company has sufficient technical services and professional basis for research and development of related products. At present, the genetic sequencer developed by the company is a domestically produced second-generation sequencer that can reach and partially surpass the international mainstream equipment technical indicators. As of 2017 9 On the 6th of the month, Beijing Zhongke Zixin has obtained 78 patents related to gene sequencers and supporting reagents, including 77 invention patents and 1 utility model patent. The acquisition of the above invention patents is conducive to further improving the intellectual property protection system of the company's genetic sequencer and related reagents, giving full play to the advantages of the company's genetic sequencing independent intellectual property rights, promoting technological innovation, enhancing the core competitiveness of the company's genetic sequencing industry, and sequencing the company's genes. The instrument has achieved a solid foundation for mass production.