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For the ideal crowning for the performance of the battle - Zixin ginseng stunning the sixth Yangtze River Delta Agricultural Sup

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On September 28, 2017, the 6th Yangtze River Delta Agricultural Super Matchmaking Conference (hereinafter referred to as the “Conference”) jointly sponsored by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, the Agriculture Department, the Jiaxing Municipal Government and other departments, and the Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce, It was held in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. The company was invited as a supplier of Jilin Province to participate in this fair.

Liu Zhongkai, the training director of the ginseng sales department, was in charge of the fair. At the meeting, Liu Zhongkai explained the characteristics, advantages and selling points of Zixin ginseng products for the leaders of various provinces and municipal ministries, representatives of suppliers and buyers from various regions. Introduced Changbai Mountain ginseng business knowledge, ginseng category, edible methods, unique effects, processing technology and corporate culture of Zixin Pharmaceutical.

In order to make full use of the platform advantages of this fair, to more fully display the Group's various products, to maximize the promotion, promotion, investment and expansion of sales business, before the exhibition, we communicated with the sales department heads, proposed to carry out joint Exhibitors. The proposal was unanimously recognized by the heads of the KA Health Division, the ginseng sales team, and the Chinese herbal medicine division. We have carefully prepared a full range of Zixin ginseng products, fresh ginseng samples and posters, pre-emptive pre-sale coupons, and Chinese medicines sales categories, etc., which can be described as "all things are ready, only owe to exhibitors."

In accordance with the requirements and arrangements of the organizing committee, on the afternoon of September 27th, on the third floor of Fuyue Hotel in Jiaxing, we began to arrange the product display of the on-site booth. Due to the large number of suppliers in this conference, according to the position of the back panel of the manufacturer's booth, our exhibition area has only half the area of ​​the desktop. For this exhibition, we have prepared a variety of ginseng products. If the exhibition area is too small, It will seriously affect the overall visual effect, and the expectations of promotion, promotion, investment promotion and sales expansion will be greatly reduced.

In order to be fully convincing, we will first arrange the display according to the booth area arranged by the organizing committee, and then do a multi-angle display and return to the person in charge of the Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce and the organizer of the meeting. In order to ensure the good display effect, I hope to double the exhibition area of ​​Zixin Ginseng and explain the situation of the original booth display to the relevant responsible person. After many consultations, the final application was successful. After the display area has doubled, the product display is very eye-catching. The layout of each series of products is reasonable, the layers are distinct, and the display effect is obviously improved.

Facts have proved that after the exhibition area was expanded, the exhibition area of ​​Zixin people was the largest and the best in the whole meeting. During the process of tour of the leaders of various provinces and municipal ministries, the display layout of Zixin ginseng products and the explanations of ginseng knowledge by relevant personnel were well received by the leaders. The atmosphere was harmonious and the laughter continued. Zixin ginseng was given to the provinces. The leaders of the municipal ministries and commissions left a good and deep impression. At the same time, Zixin people's exhibition area has also been highly concerned by suppliers and buyers all over the country. The people who come to the Zixin people's exhibition area are in constant stream. In addition, we have prepared a lot of ginseng products to try out products, so that guests who pay attention to Zixin ginseng can “appreciate the beautiful posture of ginseng, taste delicious ginseng products, listen to wonderful ginseng explanations”, and understand ginseng knowledge from all angles and perspectives. . A number of local news media also reported on the Zixin people's exhibition area.

Gao Tianlong, Zhejiang Investment Promotion Manager of the ginseng sales division, was invited to attend the local business, mainly to follow up on local business investment, product sales, etc., including government and enterprise procurement, and large chain stores to set up counters. At this meeting, Zixin Ginseng has achieved remarkable results in all kinds of intentional customers. The display and explanation of fresh ginseng has also been favored by many buyers, and preliminary plans for fresh ginseng samples have been reached. In the promotion of Chinese herbal medicines, we contacted the local Chinese herbal medicine professional cooperatives and the procurement heads of Chinese herbal medicines trading companies, etc., and about 30 business matching parties. After sorting out the resources, we reported to the heads of the company's sales departments. In addition, the on-site explanation and display of Zixin Ginseng was unanimously praised by the responsible persons of the Jilin Provincial and Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce. After the meeting, the person in charge of the Jilin Provincial Department of Commerce invited the company to participate in the exhibition held in Sichuan in January next year.

"There is a long time Lingyunzhi, talk about laughing and singing songs." I believe that through the promotion and business development of this fair, the company's sales departments can open up a broader development space in the future work, and create more brilliant sales performance!

After striving for the expansion of the Zixin people's exhibition area, it is a unique show.

The farmer's super-matching meeting was crowded and hot

The leaders of the pavilion paid special attention to the Zixin people's exhibition area