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Zixin Pharmaceutical participated in the 21st National Conference on Rheumatology

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On October 13-14, 2017, the "Twenty-First National Rheumatology Academic Conference" sponsored by the Chinese Traditional Medicine Association Rheumatology Branch, the Chongqing Traditional Chinese Medicine Association Rheumatology Professional Committee, and the Army Military Medical University Southwest Hospital. Zhongling Chongqing, the city of Zhongling, was grandly held. The Chinese medicine rheumatism groups from more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions attended the conference. The conference successfully held the “Healthy China – Chongqing Tour” rheumatism doctors and patients exchange activities. The scale of the conference was unprecedented, with more than 700 officially registered representatives, and the number of simultaneous WeChat live broadcasts reached 21,000. The company brought the exclusive product of the country, the classic prescription for treating dampness and heat resistance, to the meeting, which was widely concerned by experts and scholars.


On the morning of the 13th, the conference specially invited Professor Ulrich Costabel, Senior Consultant of Interstitial and Rare Lung Diseases of the German Ruhr Pulmonary Hospital, Professor Zhang Hongchun, Chairman of the Lung Disease Branch of the Chinese Medicine Association, Professor Dong Zhenhua of the Society, and held the national TCM rheumatism - a high-level training course on pulmonary interstitial lesions secondary to rheumatism, has greatly improved the understanding and diagnosis of rheumatoid patients with pulmonary interstitial lesions associated with connective tissue disease. On the afternoon of the 13th, the conference held a special session on arthritis. The director of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Rheumatology Branch, Jiang Quan, first introduced the "Guidelines for the Combination of Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoarthritis (Draft)" led by the Rheumatology Branch. The conference also invited Professor Li Zhanguo, Professor He Wei, Professor Zhang Zhiyi, Professor Wang Haidong, Professor Liang Yi, Associate Professor Huang Yuyue, Professor Hu Yinqi, etc. to give a special speech, opened up the idea of ​​treating and treating rheumatism in Chinese medicine, and carried out a variety of rheumatism. The special committee shows.


At 8 am on October 14, the opening ceremony was held. After the opening ceremony, an academic conference was held. Professor Liu Liang, Professor Fan Yongsheng, Professor Ulrich Costabel, Professor Yang Dajian, Professor Li Zhenbin and Professor Fang Yongfei gave us a wonderful speech. In the afternoon, the conference carried out the "Special Topics on the Academic Thoughts of Professor Guo Zhizheng, the Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine" and the "Inheritance of Academic Thoughts of the Famous Doctors of the Capital National Medical University", expounding the thoughts of the famous Chinese medicine from a multi-angle system.


The academic atmosphere in the venue was strong, and the venue was even more lively. Exhibitors display corporate characteristics in different forms. Zixin Pharmaceutical is located in booth A07 of the exhibition area. The company's exhibition area is based on the theme of “Promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Culture”. It has a sign-in area and a product display area. It is displayed through the display of Si Miao Wan, ginseng products, display of decoction pieces and medicines, and introduction of gene sequencing. In the company exhibition area, the distinctive medicine scorpion, Chinese medicine package and traditional Chinese medicine scorpion all add traditional Chinese medicine characteristics to the exhibition area, making the exhibition area more attractive. Many well-known experts in the field of rheumatism in Chinese medicine have been attracted to the company's exhibition area. The experts have watched the special features and products such as Si Miao Pill with great interest and gave valuable advice and suggestions.


During the coffee break, Jiang Quan, chairman of the Chinese Traditional Medicine Association's Rheumatology Branch, came to the company's exhibition area. She praised the company's exhibition area layout and Si Miao Wan, and was full of expectations for the company's future development. The company's exhibition area not only attracted domestic experts and scholars, but also attracted foreign experts. Professor Ulrich Costabel, Senior Consultant for Interstitial and Rare Pulmonary Diseases at the Ruhr Pulmonary Hospital in Germany, walked into the company's exhibition area. Professor Costabel was very interested in Si Miao Pill and consulted.


This conference provided the company with the opportunity to learn and communicate with experts and scholars in the rheumatology field, so that more experts and scholars have deepened their understanding of the company's Si Miao Wan, ginseng products and gene sequencing. At the same time, through the enthusiasm and thoughtful service, it shows the good corporate image of Zixin Pharmaceutical.


Zixin Pharmaceutical will take the opportunity of the 19th National Congress to better study and implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress, vigorously promote the culture of Chinese medicine, continue to adhere to the goal of modernization of modern Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, and take the road of professional academic promotion. We will continue to deepen the professional academic research of Si Miao Wan in the field of rheumatism, improve the height and depth of products with solid theoretical foundation and authoritative clinical data, and join hands with the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Rheumatology Branch to promote the modernization of Chinese medicine rheumatism. Development, promote the thriving of Chinese medicine rheumatism, and bring health to the gospel for more patients.

Company participants took a group photo