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Zixin Ginseng Participated in the National Minority Region Investment and Trade Fair

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On November 13, 2017, Wang Xusheng, investment manager of ginseng sales division, Liu Zhongkai, training supervisor, Wang Siyuan and Miao Zongrui, four of them went to Beijing to prepare for the 2017 National Minority Region Investment and Trade Fair and the “One Township and One Product” pre-selected products and ethnic groups. Relevant work of regional special product exhibitions (hereinafter referred to as “conference fairs”).


The fair was sponsored by the China National Trade Promotion Association and co-organized by the Yanbian Prefecture Government of Jilin Province. In order to earnestly study and implement the spirit of the 19th Party Congress, seize the major opportunities of the “Belt and Road” and help coordinate the development of ethnic areas, Zixin Medicine As a leading enterprise in the ginseng industry in Jilin Province, the industry was invited to participate in this fair to showcase the Zixin ginseng series of products in the most striking 4-D15 booth in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture exhibition area in Jilin.


In order to better plan the decoration and display layout of Zixin people's booth, the company participants arrived at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing North Third Ring Road in advance, contacted the person in charge of the exhibition, the person in charge of the decoration and construction, and purchased the items required for the booth. Carry out booth backboard design, contact logistics products and so on. Due to the full preparation, all the work in the booth was ready the day before the launch, and everything was ready and waiting.


On the morning of November 16, the fair was grandly opened at Hall 4 of China International Exhibition Center and ended successfully on November 20. During this period, ethnic specialties from many provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the country gathered here, attracting many tourists and customers seeking business cooperation to visit. Many local media conducted on-site interviews and reports on this conference. In the Zixin people's booth, the people who came to consult were in a constant stream. The visitors were very interested in Zixin fresh ginseng products, and explained the professional ginseng knowledge of the staff, so that the visitors had a wider range of ginseng in the northeast Changbai Mountain. In-depth understanding.


In addition, brand promotion, business investment, and market research are also the key tasks of Zixin Ginseng Sales Division to participate in this conference. The organizers of the fair held a conference on “Introduction of Ecological Product Origin (PEOP) and Traceability Protection System”, and invited channel distributors, buyers and suppliers of the brands to communicate. As a representative of suppliers in Jilin Province, Liu Zhongkai, the supervisor of Zixin Ginseng Training, gave a brief and special explanation on the brand strength of Zixin Pharmaceutical, the advantages of ginseng products and the development prospects of ginseng industry. After a lot of business communication and screening, some customers went to Changchun in three days, went to the ginseng sales department to inspect, and initially reached a business cooperation intention. At the meeting, there were also customers who requested the procurement of ginseng raw materials. After communication, the person in charge of the Chinese herbal medicine business department was responsible for following up the business.


The training specialists Wang Siyuan and Zhai Zongrui have been training in the “three major industries” in the group. As a young training instructor, most of the previous training targets are group internal personnel. Now they need to face the vast number of consumers and customers. Said to be a rare opportunity to experience. The two "small fresh meat" lecturers expressed their great benefits and great gains in this trip to Beijing.

The business expansion effect of this fair is very obvious, and there are still many businesses that need to follow up. I believe that through the collaborative efforts of Zixin Ginseng sales team, we will definitely win the final battle in 2017 and climb the new peak of performance!