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Congratulations on Zixin Pharmaceutical's participation in the Fifth World Conference on Integrative Medicine has been a complet

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From December 7th to 10th, 2017, the 5th World Conference on Integrative Medicine, hosted by the Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine, the Guangdong Association of Integrative Medicine and the Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, was successfully held at the Mission Hills International Conference Center in Guangdong Province. With the theme of “Promoting and Combining Medical Achievements and Serving Human Health”, the conference is dedicated to promoting the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and modern medicine, providing new thinking for exploring human health and disease. It is the highest academic school that combines wisdom between Chinese and Western medicine. Festival.
At the opening ceremony of the conference, Wang Guoqiang, deputy director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, made an important speech. He summarized the current development status of the integration of Chinese and Western medicine at present and made plans for future development. He said: After 60 With years of development, the integration of Chinese and Western medicine has become an indispensable part of China's traditional Chinese medicine, health and health, and has become an important force to promote the construction of a healthy China.
The conference has a special medical field and a special pharmacy. There are also nine sub-meeting venues, which carry out academic activities in various fields such as ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, anesthesia, metabolic disease, burn medicine, reproductive medicine, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Invited academicians of the two academies in the field of integration of Chinese and Western medicine, famous scholars at home and abroad, made a special report on the history, research progress and cutting-edge technology of integrated Chinese and Western medicine, and gathered more than ten countries from China, the United States, Britain and Germany. More than 2,000 experts from the region have conducted in-depth exchanges on the progress of clinical and basic research in different specialties in the integration of Chinese and Western medicine.
The conference also has a pharmaceutical enterprise display area. Zixin Pharmaceutical is located in booths 30 and 31 of the exhibition area. Only three companies have the right to special exhibitions. Zixin Pharmaceutical is one of them, with unique Chinese medicine style in many homes. Stand out in the enterprise. Zixin Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition Center is based on red, with the theme of traditional Chinese medicine Chinese medicine museum as the theme, using drug sample boxes, drug samples, Chinese medicine decoction pieces, drug propaganda light display, product color page distribution and other forms of product promotion. The display content is divided into four sections, which mainly show the company's clinical products: Si Miao Wan, Qi Dan Tablets, Pediatric Baibei Cough Syrup, OTC Products: Erding Granules, Bushen Anshen Oral Liquid, Ginseng Series Products: Yuhongyan, Chazhen Etc., as well as the company's gene sequencing industry. There is a sign-in area, a tasting area, and a gift-issuing area in the exhibition area. The traditional Chinese medicine features have been added to the exhibition area through the distinctive decoration of medicine, medical books, Chinese medicine bags and Chinese medicine tweezers, which is more attractive.
Many well-known experts in various fields are attracted by Zixin's characteristic Chinese medicine style, stop by to go to the progress area, watch the special features and ask about the product information with great interest; and many foreign experts also go to the progress area consulting products. By communicating with experts, more experts have learned about the company's products, and experts have given valuable guidance to the products.
During the exhibition, Academician Huang Qiqi of the Chinese Academy of Engineering came to the exhibition area. Director Luo Lu of the company's marketing department introduced the company's products to the academician Huang and made a profound exchange. Huang Academician left a precious photo in the Zixin characteristic exhibition area. Professor Lu Wenliang, Secretary-General of the Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine and Associate Dean of the Guang'anmen Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, learned about the company's three major industries and products. Professor Lu expressed his expectation for the future development of Zixin. Professor Fan Yongsheng, the chairman of the Chinese Society of Integrated Traditional and Western Medicine Rheumatology Branch, also took the progress area to understand the company's products, and also left a precious photo in the exhibition area.
This meeting of Chinese and Western Medicine has set up a bridge for the company to communicate with experts and scholars in various fields. It displays a good corporate image through enthusiasm and careful service. At the same time, it also features a variety of exhibition areas, multi-faceted product promotion and strong product strength. Let the world know about Jilin Zixin and show Chinese medicine to the world.
The report of the 19th National Congress clearly stated that "they adhere to the emphasis on both Chinese and Western medicine and inherit the development of Chinese medicine." Zixin Pharmaceutical, as a Chinese medicine pharmaceutical company, will fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress and shoulder the responsibility of inheriting and developing Chinese medicine. Carry forward the culture of Chinese medicine, continue to adhere to the goal of modernization of modern Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, take the road of professional academic promotion, and work with experts to let more patients gain health.